Not Finding Top Talent? We Might Know Why!

Not Finding Top Talent We Might Know Why


Finding top talent these days can be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are thousands of new college graduates each year flooding the job market, but how do you know which ones are at the top? It can be difficult to separate the best from the middle of the pack. Even though it is hard to find top talent, you might be hurting yourself without even knowing it. Take a look at the ways some companies hurt themselves when it comes to finding top talent.

Failure to Be Transparent

If your company is not being as transparent as possible with candidates, then you might be sending top talent running for the hills. Transparency is very important to top talent these days. They want to know where they stand in the job search and what it is the company has to offer. Along with transparency, candidates do not want to be strung along with no hopes of attaining the job. Let the candidate go early in the process if they are not your choice.

Candidates Want to Ask Questions

The interview process has changed over the years as candidates want to be able to ask questions of employers. No longer do candidates sit in a room and answer question after question from the interviewer. Today’s candidates want a two-way street when it comes to information. And, when they ask the questions, they want honest answers in return.

Add Technology

Today’s candidates love technology. A large portion of them are millennials who grew up with it. Include technology in your hiring process. Conduct a video interview with top talent in order to show them how your company uses technology. It also tells the candidate that their time is valuable, since they don’t have to spend hours out of their day traveling to and from your office.

Invest in Employees

Companies should have no trouble landing top talent if they show an investment in them. By investment, we mean the hiring process is not arduous or repetitive. The candidate does not have to sit through five rounds of interviews to only find out they didn’t get the job. Make the process as pain-free as possible to show the candidate how much their time means to you.

Having trouble finding top talent? You might be hurting yourself with the way things are done during the interview process. If you can fix some of the problems outlined in this post, the top talent should find your company easily in the future. Contact Advance Staffing Solutions to find top talent in Ohio and Michigan, or browse our Talent Showcase to find your perfect employee today!







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