No Time for Clerical Job Hunting? Use These Tips!



For those working long hours, finding the time to look for a new office position can be a daunting task.  Whether you are working as a general office clerk or providing support to an executive, working in a high-pressure, low-paying position can take its toll.

The increased stress, sleepless nights, overtime hours compiled on top of regular day-to-day personal responsibilities wreaks havoc on the delicate work-life balance many of us try to maintain.

So, how do you squeeze a clerical job search into such a demanding schedule?  Consider these options.

Do Your Job, but Only Your Job

Superstar employees are notorious for accepting more and more responsibility even when it is not the wisest move.  If additional workplace obligations are making your work schedule impossible to manage, then consider putting them down.

Don’t take on extra duties that do not have to be completed by you.  Instead, concentrate on completing your core tasks and take the time to do them well.

This isn’t a license to quit performing your duties entirely, but a way to focus your efforts to those that truly drive the success of your current position.  Determine what the base expectations are for the position and work to complete those, but only those.

Additionally, only work the hours you are truly required to work.  If you are supposed to report at 8:00 a.m. and leave at 5:00 p.m., then do just that.  If your job does not require you to be available at all hours day and night, then don’t be available.  Stop checking your phone and email looking for work outside of the hours you work.

By eliminating extraneous duties and limiting your availability, you can perform the work necessary based on the requirements of the position without overburdening yourself.  Not only can this help with work-life balance, it can also supply you with the time necessary to look for other employment options.

Get Outside Help

If you are currently working within the duties of your position, you may want to enlist outside help in looking for a new position.  Many staffing firms have extensive experience in matching qualified candidates to available positions.

Not only can they help make sure your resume, cover letter, or other documentation is up-to-date and appropriate for the position, they often have connections to various area businesses.  These connections provide the opportunity to find positions that may not be publicly advertised.

Staffing firm professionals also have the ability to market you to companies even when a specific job opening isn’t currently listed.  Their in-depth knowledge of the industry and local companies gives them insight into when a candidate is a good fit for a specific company, allowing them to use their connections to reach out on your behalf.

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