Is Your Hiring Process Effective?


Businesses spend a significant amount of time and energy reviewing many of their processes and procedures. However, the hiring process isn’t one that typically gets much attention; and that can be a mistake. Failing to audit your hiring mechanisms means you could be putting effort into the wrong segments of the process. Or worse, you could be stuck using old techniques that don’t meet the requirements of the current job market.

To help ascertain whether your hiring process is effective in today’s job market, here are some questions to ask about how your company manages the task today and some tips to manage it better in the future.

Is Your Hiring Process Regimented or Adaptable?

Some companies set process in stone, with each key player knowing their precise role from beginning to end. Others provide a more flexible set of guidelines, allowing adjustments to be made whenever necessary. While neither approach is actually right or wrong, it is important to understand how your business approaches the task of hiring.

Often, the best methods for hiring involve some of both. For example, there may be set questions designed to get to critical information about what candidates provide, but there is also enough room to adjust as new facts come to light. By allowing room for both, no one is left at a loss when it comes to a good starting point while also not being prevented from asking follow-up questions organically as they arise.

Where Are Job Applicants Coming From?

Job applicants don’t just appear out of thin air; they are brought to you through various sources. This includes internal employment listings, job postings on career-oriented websites, referrals from other employees and many other routes.

Ideally, you want to find that candidates are coming in through a wide array of sources. This means you are thoroughly exploring the market by reaching out in different ways. In contrast, if your applicants are only coming from one or two sources, your job openings might not be seen by as many job seekers, and you could be missing out on a valuable source of talent as a result.

Are You Only Interviewing When You Have an Opening?

Most businesses only interview when they are actively looking to fill a job opening. However, this means you are constantly having to start from scratch, moving potential candidates through the pipeline at the same time and from the same locations.

Instead of only interviewing when a position is available, consider assuming a stance of always interviewing. This means you are continually moving potential new employees into and through the pipeline. Then, when a vacancy occurs, you have a pool of candidates who have already been partially vetted.

In cases where a fast hire is preferable, this approach can shave a significant amount of time off of the process. And, you may have access to candidates that you otherwise would have missed if they happened not to be looking for opportunities in the window in which you were hiring.

One method for keeping the pipeline full is to work with a skilled staffing firm. The recruitment professionals at The Advance Group have the ability to make remaining in a state of always interviewing simple by connecting you with candidates as they enter the job market. Contact us and see how our hiring process can help your business hire more effectively today.






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