Why Happier Job Seekers Are Successful Job Seekers


While there is no guarantee that success can breed happiness, happiness often leads to success. And when it comes to finding a new position, happy job seekers have a leg up on the competition. But why does being happy make it easier to find a new job? Here are just a few of the ways it can make a difference.

Focused on Goals

People who are happier often have an easier time focusing on their goals. It could be that their optimism about the future that helps them move forward, and may even make the idea of taking a risk feel less intimidating. Regardless of the reason, understanding your goals and making active strides towards reaching them can make you a happier job seeker while also making the entire process feel like an opportunity instead of a challenge.

Understanding Their Strengths

People who describe themselves as happy often have a solid idea regarding their strengths. And, when it comes to finding a new job, knowing what you have to offer can make the task feel easier. It also gives them a sense of confidence in what they have to offer, and confidence can make a great impression on hiring managers during interviews.

In some cases, happy job seekers will also see a new position as an opportunity to do more of what they enjoy, making the idea of landing something new even more enticing. When you are excited about what a prospect has to offer, it often shows when you are invited to interview as well.

Making Connections

A new job means a chance to meet new people, build a stronger network, and even make new friends. For people who consider themselves to be happy, the idea of expanding their social connections can be just as exciting as the job itself. This means the entire process has more to offer than a new workplace or potential pay raise; it actually has the ability to make positive changes in other areas of their life as well.

Shaping Their Lives

Being a happy job seeker means you see a position as more than just a chance to earn more money, but a chance to shape their lives into something better. They often have a better understanding of everything an opportunity has to offer and how it fits into the bigger picture of their current situation and potentially their future. The idea of building a more fulfilling life can be enticing on its own, but a happier person may be more likely to see that part of the opportunity than another.

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