Step Up Your Maintenance Resume with This Tip


When you’re applying for a maintenance job, your first goal is to ensure your maintenance resume gets noticed by the hiring manager. Often, this seems like an easy task if you have the right skills and experience, but how your maintenance resume is set up can have a bigger impact on your success rate than the content itself.

Many hiring managers only spend a few seconds when they review a resume the first time, as they can have a large pile of applications to consider. They look for key pieces of information that are especially pertinent to the position and, if they don’t immediately see what they’re looking for, they move on to the next candidate. That means you have a limited amount of time to make a positive impression.

Most maintenance resumes are reviewed in a Z-pattern, with the hiring manager quickly skimming over the content for relevant details. If your resume isn’t easy to scan, it will likely be discarded.

To help you ensure your maintenance resume is designed with this in mind, here’s a tip to help your maintenance resume stand out.

How to Build an Easy-to-Skim Resume

Creating a resume that’s easy to review doesn’t have to be a challenge. What you need to do is focus on important keywords which are typically listed in the job posting. You want to keep the content concise, make sure the format is clean, and remove superfluous details.

Based on some of today’s leading resume trends, you want to begin with a summary statement and skills list that highlights your most relevant qualification. Review the job posting and see what terminology they use when referring to must-have skills or experiences. Then, based on your prior employment or education, create a quick summary that demonstrates you have what they need and follow it up with a brief skills list that touches on these points. This places the most important details at the top of your resume, making them easy to spot.

When you progress into your work experience, consider using a similar format. List the position title, company information, and employment dates first, then follow it up with a summary that spotlights key accomplishments that are applicable to the target role, quantifying them when appropriate. Then, add additional skills that provide value in a simplified, bulleted format.

This approach avoids large blocks of text that can be hard to skim and draws the eyes to key areas of interest that highlight what you have to offer.

Without the right keywords and formatting, your resume isn’t likely to get much attention from hiring managers. But, these quick changes can make it easier for interviewers to skim the content, allowing them to get the details they need with greater ease.

If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your maintenance resume or are looking for a new position, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today to see what positions are available with some of the leading companies in the area.






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