The 5 Biggest Industrial Interview Mistakes


Interviewing can be a nerve-wracking experience. Often, there is a significant amount of anxiety that comes with sitting down across from a hiring manager, especially if you really want the job. And, from time to time, your nerves are going to get you, and you end up leaving that light industrial interview wondering if you made a mistake.

While a small misstep here or there likely won’t hurt your chances too much, as the majority of hiring managers recognize how stressful the experience can be, there are some faux pas that can seriously harm your odds of being selected. To help you avoid these potentially dooming situations, here are the five biggest light industrial interview mistakes.

1. Saying You’ve Never Made a Mistake

During an interview, you’ll typically be asked to recount a situation where you failed or simply made a mistake. While admitting to your errors in judgment isn’t easy, acting as if it has never happened is actually going to leave a worse impression than owning it.

At some point, essentially everyone has either taken a risk that didn’t pan out, made an error that had to be corrected, or missed a deadline for various reasons, so saying it never happened to you makes it seem like you’re hiding something.

Hiring managers ask this question not to put you on the spot, but to ascertain how you move forward when a mistake happens and to assess your level of self-awareness. So, instead of trying to bypass the question, let them know about a prior misstep and follow it up with a description of how you remedied the situation.

2. Making an Inappropriate Comment

Referring to a segment of the population in a negative, derogatory, or offensive manner, or using vulgar language during an interview are surefire ways to be disqualified for the position, even if it was meant as a joke. Ultimately, if you were hired, you’d be a representative of the company, and they aren’t going to choose someone who would reflect poorly on the business.

Whether the hiring manager was personally offended is inconsequential, so it is wise to think carefully before you speak and avoid any comments that might be considered offensive or inappropriate in a light industrial interview.

3. A Superiority Complex

While being confident in your abilities is great and should shine through during your interview, being cocky about your capabilities isn’t going to do you any favors. Arrogance is rarely well received, so it’s best to avoid coming across as such at all costs.

Often, this means avoiding talking down about other people’s abilities, especially when comparing them to yourself, including your current or former co-workers, bosses, or companies. Instead, discuss how your skills would help you excel in the role without making comparisons to others, and use facts and metrics to back it up.

4. Being Ill-Prepared

Sure, you might not know everything the hiring manager is going to ask during an interview, but there are certain tried-and-true questions that are almost guaranteed to come up. And not having suitable answers for these won’t help show the interviewer why you are the right person for the job.

Even though a small stumble in a response isn’t likely a problem, sitting across from the hiring manager like a deer in headlights or rambling through an answer hoping you’ll stumble on the right things to say isn’t going to help your chances. Instead of winging it, take the time to review common questions and prepare your responses. Ideally, you should practice them as well, with a trusted friend or professional associate who can help you craft an ideal answer based on their feedback.

5. Being Late

Hiring managers want to know that, if they offer you the position, they can count on you, and being late is a guaranteed way to put that into question. Arriving on time (and fully prepared) shows that you can manage your schedule and plan appropriately. It is also a sign of respect for the hiring manager, as being late means you are wasting their time.

When you plan for your interview, make sure you provide yourself with ample time to get to the site. That way, should an unexpected traffic jam or other issues occur, you can still be ready when it’s your turn to be interviewed.

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