Want to Hire Better Next Year? Start Understanding Your Candidates Better


Hiring managers often wish they could get a glimpse into a candidate’s head instead of having to second-guess their every move and answer. While mindreading still isn’t an option, a recent survey provided a substantial amount of insight into how job seekers think. And that can help you hire better in the future.

Here’s what you need to know.

Professionals Want to Hear About New Opportunities

While low unemployment rates can make it seem as though there aren’t enough viable candidates available, the vast majority of professionals are interested in new opportunities, even if they are currently employed. That means there is a large potential talent pool that isn’t showing in the unemployment statistics, so don’t be afraid to target these workers when posting about a vacancy.

Additionally, nearly two-thirds of professionals who recently changed jobs who were surveyed admitted they knew either nothing or very little about their newest employer before the found out about the position. This means you don’t necessarily have to have a prior connection to the potential candidate for them to be interested in your opportunities.

They Want Information About You

One of the biggest pet peeves for candidates is when they look for information that would give them a better idea of what it’s like to work for you, and it just isn’t there. In some cases, this means that they are finding the information on your website too vague to give them a solid concept of what you are like as an employer or they have trouble finding details in other common resources, like Glassdoor or even the job announcement itself.

Since candidates are more focused on company culture and work environments than ever before, giving them access to additional details can make you a more attractive potential employer. This can include providing insights on your website about what the company is like from an insider’s perspective, adding points about the company culture and employee perks to the job announcement, or even creating a blog that makes sharing this information more natural.

They Have Priorities

While money is still a significant factor in whether a person applies to a new position, it is a detail that is often not provided in a job announcement. Many companies try to keep this information private for a variety of reason, but not making either a salary minimum or standard range accessible in the vacancy posting means some top talent may make assumptions that affect whether they would either apply or accept the opportunity. Being forward about salary makes you seem more transparent and ensures that those who apply are open to working at or near that rate.

Company culture, as mentioned above, also plays a substantial role, making it crucial that you share insights that can help job seekers determine if your workplace might be a good fit. Additionally, work-life balance is more desirable than ever, so showing that your company supports initiatives designed to make this achievable can help you connect with higher-quality talent.

If you are looking to hire better staff members during the upcoming year, the team at The Advance Group can connect you with top talent in the area. Contact us today to see how our services can help you hire better in 2018.






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