Want to Land an Administrative Position? Read This!


Many job seekers like the idea of working in an administrative position. Typically, these roles are office-based and can help you build a strong foundation for a professional career. However, how to get started in this profession isn’t as clear as some others, particularly since entry-level jobs may list very few requirements. If you are interested in landing an administrative position, here’s what you need to know.

Education Requirements Vary

Many administrative roles are considered entry-level, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some educational requirements listed in the vacancy announcement.

Some administrative assistant or secretary positions require only a high school diploma, as this generally shows that you have the knowledge necessary to write professionally and operate a computer. However, competition for these positions can be high, so having additional training, like an associate degree or diploma from a secretarial skills program, can help set you apart from the pack.

Other positions may list an associate’s degree as a requirement, and some even require a bachelor’s degree, especially if the role is focused on a specialty, like legal secretaries or medical administrative assistants. You may also need to have knowledge of specific software programs, like QuickBooks, or have skills in areas like web development, which may require applicable coursework or prior experience.

Ultimately, it is possible to land an administrative position with just a high school diploma, but going above and beyond that will likely be beneficial to your career.

Make Sure Your Resume and Cover Letter Are Perfect

Administrative professionals often create communications in writing, ranging from emails and newsletters to presentations and marketing material. Since written communication plays such a large role in an admin’s daily duties, having spelling or grammar mistakes on your resume or cover letter can hurt your chances of being invited in for an interview.

Before you submit a resume, make sure to review it carefully. This can include proofreading it yourself and using software, like spelling and grammar checks, to identify errors that need to be corrected. It’s also smart to have someone else review your application, as a fresh set of eyes may spot mistakes that you overlooked.

Similarly, if you have a LinkedIn profile, you should take the time to make sure that it is also well written and error free. Otherwise, the additional effort you put into your resume and cover letter may not have the desired impact if your LinkedIn profile is riddled with mistakes.

Highlight Your Value

Many administrative positions focus on making other professionals’ lives easier at work, so showing that you are capable of supporting the manager, executive, or team is crucial. Ultimately, you want to demonstrate your skills and experience will contribute to the accomplishments of others, as that is something that a hiring manager will likely deem valuable.

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