These “Dumb” Interview Questions Are Pretty Intelligent


Sometimes, when given the opportunity at the end of an interview, job seekers are reluctant to ask certain interview questions. They fear that they are “dumb,” making them worry that the hiring manager will form a negative perception of them simply by bringing them up.

Many of them focus on clichés, something that most people work hard to avoid. But, these questions can actually provide candidates with important information, making them wise choices in the end. If you are concerned about which questions to ask, here are some “dumb” interview questions that are actually pretty intelligent.

“What Do You Like Most About Working Here?”

Yes, this question can seem trite and commonplace, but it actually gives you a great opportunity to learn more about the company’s culture or their most exciting projects. When responding to this question, hiring managers may discuss their staff, co-workers, or the leadership team. They might bring up the work environment. In some cases, they’ll talk about an innovation that is in the works.

Regardless of their response, you’ll likely learn something along the way. And, if the hiring manager struggles to provide an answer, or resorts to a short, canned response, it could be an indication of trouble in the department or the company as a whole, giving you details about a potential red flag you may have otherwise missed.

“What’s a Typical Day Like in This Position?”

It may seem banal, asking about how a day usually proceeds, but it is actually an incredibly helpful thing to asks and suggests you are eager to envision yourself in the role. Aside from expressing a level of excitement, you get a chance to learn about common expectations and tasks, which may not be as enticing as the big projects the hiring manager used to sell you on the role. It also gives you insight into daily operations, like how many meetings may occur or which mundane tasks fall under your purview.

Generally, a realistic answer to this question isn’t going to increase your level of enthusiasm, but understanding the day-to-day makes it easier for you to ascertain whether the job is actually right for you.

“Do You Have Any Concerns About My Qualifications?”

Many job seekers shy away from this question because it seems to open the door to criticism, which is something no one typically wants to hear. But, it also creates an outstanding opportunity, allowing you to both listen to their concerns and address them.

It does require a level of vulnerability, and a willingness to discuss your weakness, but you also get the chance to address points that could potentially prevent you from receiving an offer head-on.

Ultimately, any interview questions that give you a chance to learn more about the company shouldn’t be considered “dumb,” particularly if the information isn’t available on the organization’s website and the specific point wasn’t discussed during the interview. That means you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the question if it is truly something you want to know. It may be a smarter move than you think.

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