Looking for Jobs NOW? Here’s Why You Should Sign Up for Job Alerts!


Most job seekers quickly become aware of how time-consuming finding a new position can become. Running searches on job board and social media isn’t always a quick process, particularly if you use multiple sites in hopes of finding the ideal role. Luckily, there is one technique that can significantly speed up your job hunting activities: Job alerts.

If you haven’t used job alerts before, here’s why you should get started today.

It’s Convenient

At its core, a job alert is an email or push notification that lets you know when a position that meets your criteria becomes available on a specific site. When you create one, you set a variety of parameters, such as job titles, industries, companies, location, and minimum pay rates. Then, the system automatically lets you know when a new role is posted that meets your criteria, alleviating the need for you to run the search yourself every day.

Once a job alert is sent, you can peruse the details and decide if you want to apply, using the same application process as would be required if you located the job through other means.

It’s Simple

Setting up a job alert isn’t a complicated process. Most sites will walk you through the process, asking you the proper questions and letting you select options to narrow the results.

Plus, if a job alert isn’t producing the ideal set of results, you can always alter it to better suit your needs. Since you need to strike a balance between specificity, ensuring the results are relevant, and flexibility, making sure you don’t screen out potentially beneficial opportunities, this lets you fine-tune your job alert with relative ease.

Many sites will also allow you to set up multiple job alerts, giving you the ability to choose parameters based on a variety of scenarios, which can be a preferred approach if you are somewhat flexible about certain requirements, like the included industries or job titles.

It’s Available Every Day

Most job alerts allow you to select how often you receive the email that contains the compiled information, but choosing the daily option is generally the best approach. This ensures you are quickly notified about new opportunities, which is especially important for coveted roles, allowing you to apply as fast as possible.

Signing up for a daily alert also makes sure you stay on top of your job search activities, as you’ll have a reminder coming directly to your inbox almost every day. The only time you won’t get an alert is if nothing new has been posted that meets your criteria. While this happening on occasion may be expected, not receiving an email for a few days in a row can also be a signal you need to update your parameters to be more flexible.

If you are looking for a new position, the professionals at The Advance Group can connect you with some of today’s leading employers. Plus, The Advance Group’s site offers job alerts, letting you automate a portion of your search too. Contact us today to see how our services and job alerts can benefit you, or click here to sign up for our job alerts right now.






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