5 Questions You Actually Should Ask in an Administrative Interview


When you get near the end of your administrative interview, you are usually asked if you have any questions. Not having anything to ask can actually hurt your chances of landing the job, so it’s always best to come prepared with a few things you can ask.

If you are getting ready for an administrative interview, here are five questions you should always keep in your back pocket.

1. How Did This Position Become Available?

When you ask this interview question, you give yourself a chance to gain a lot of valuable insight. On the positive side, you may learn the position is brand new, something that can indicate the company may be growing. If it is vacant due to the previous person earning an internal promotion, that shows there is room for advancement.

On the negative side, you might hear that the former employee quit without notice, which could be a red flag. Additionally, discovering they received a big promotion outside of the company could show there isn’t much room for advancement.

2. How Does This Position Contribute to the Company’s Long-Term Goals?

This interview question lets you learn more about how the job fits into the bigger picture. If the interviewer answers it with ease, you’ll usually discover how the role aligns with larger objectives, showing how the position provides value. However, if the hiring manager struggles to form a response, it could indicate they don’t know how it contributes to broader goals, which could be a troubling sign.

3. What Are the Biggest Challenges Associated With This Role?

While you may have a solid understanding of what the job entails, this question lets you learn more about the most common challenges you may encounter. It provides insight into some of the harder aspects of the work, giving you a chance to be prepared for them.

4. Do You Have a Timeline for Filling This Role?

If the hiring manager hasn’t given you a timeline overview, now is the perfect time to request one. While they may not be able to provide specific dates, most interviewers should be able to fill you in on any next steps and an approximate window for their completion.

If they can’t provide you with a basic timeline, that might be an indication it could be a long wait or they may decide not to fill the job at all. While that doesn’t mean you need to abandon all hope of getting the position, it does mean you should keep your job search going in the interim.

5. Is There Any Reason I Wouldn’t Be Considered a Top Candidate for This Job?

By asking this question during your interview, you are giving the hiring manager a chance to express any concerns they may have about your ability to excel in the role. Additionally, you’ll have an opportunity to address those concerns, allowing you to showcase why you are a great candidate.

Ultimately, this question welcomes an open dialog. Just make sure you let the interviewer fully express their perspective before you respond, as cutting them off seems both defensive and rude. Instead, let them finish then pause for a moment to consider your reply. Then, give them any additional information that can alleviate their concerns.

By asking the questions above, you can gain valuable insight into the company, the role, and your odds of being hired. If you would like to know more, the professionals at The Advance Group can provide you with additional information. Contact us with your questions today and see how our hiring expertise can benefit you. Click here to check out our newest jobs.






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