Don’t Scare Off Employees With Your Bad Reputation


When it comes to recruitment and retention, your company’s reputation matters. If your organization becomes known as a bad employer, securing the top talent you need to thrive is going to become increasingly challenging.

Even a handful of negative reviews from current or past employees can be very damaging. And, thanks to technology, workers have a variety of outlets in which to air their grievances, and their opinions may scare away high-quality job seekers or existing members of your team.

If your company ends up with a bad reputation, you are guaranteed to miss out on great talent. This means taking action is essential. Otherwise, you won’t be able to locate or maintain the top-tier professionals your business needs to succeed.

If you aren’t sure how to evaluate your current reputation, here are a few tips that can help you get the process started.

Do Some Research

Your first step in assessing your company’s reputation is to get a grasp on where you stand. This allows you to identify any potential issues, providing you with the information you need to make improvements.

Start by heading online and searching for employee reviews. Sites like Glassdoor can be a great place to begin, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Look for reviews and note any patterns that arise. If a particular issue is presented multiple times, make a note of it. Similarly, if an accusation is especially damaging, even if it is only made once, record that information, as well.

As you proceed, resist the urge to respond to the reviews. If you don’t select your words carefully, your reply may come off as bitter or defensive, and that can damage your reputation more than not responding at all.

Finally, closely examine your company from an internal perspective. Consider what your workplace culture is like, whether workers are engaged and happy, or if there are any patterns in complaints filed with HR or managers. Additionally, review your compensation plans to see if they are competitive.

Create an Action Plan

After you’ve completed your research, you can begin crafting a plan to improve. How you need to move forward will depend on your unique situation, though concentrating on aspects with the most negative attention or that were frequently repeated can often be the most effective approach.

Then, don’t shy away from discussing your plan with your staff. If you admit the company could improve and that a strategy is in place, that can actually help you repair your reputation. However, you have to follow it up with action. Otherwise, empty words will just do additional damage.

As you begin to implement your plan, understand employee sentiment won’t shift overnight. It takes time to build their trust, so recognizing the road ahead may be a long one is important. However, with time and diligence, you can repair a bad reputation, ensuring you don’t scare off job seekers or your top performers.

If you would like to learn more about how you can manage your company’s employer brand, the professionals at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team today, and see how our company reputation of excellence can benefit you.






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