Sick of a Long, Cold Commute? Find a Job Closer to Home!


If you ask professionals to discuss their favorite part of their workday, odds are they won’t talk about their commute. Typically, the time spent getting to and from work is an inconvenience; minutes or hours that workers would prefer spending with their families, being productive, or simply relaxing.

In America, the average commute is 26 minutes one way, or 52 minutes round trip. However, since that is merely an average, that means there are tons of professionals who spend more time on the road than that. During the winter months, committing so much time to your commute can be exhausting

If you are sick of your long, cold commute, finding a job closer to home may be the best solution. It gives you an opportunity to reclaim minutes (or potentially hours) that are typically spent on the road, decreasing stress and possibly even increasing your job satisfaction. If you aren’t sure how to conduct a job search that focuses on convenient locations, here’s how to get started.

Find Your Target Zone

When decreasing the length of your commute is one of your primary goals, your first step for your job search is to identify your target zone. Start by considering the length of your commute as it stands today and then determine the maximum duration you would prefer having. This will help you map out potential areas based on the location of your home.

While you can figure this out by simply using a map, there are also approaches that ensure you don’t have to do the legwork. For example, many large real estate websites have mapping software that features a variety of overlays, including one focused on commute times. This allows you to see how far you can drive in a specific time frame based on your home’s address.

Once you have your target zone, use that information to identify companies within that area. That way, when you explore available positions, you can use your commute time goals like any other job search criteria.

Partner With a Recruitment Firm

Staffing agencies have in-depth knowledge of their local communities, making them ideal resources when you want to find a job closer to home. In fact, recruitment firms can consider any potential job search criteria you may have, allowing you to identify your ideal role quickly and efficiently.

When you partner with The Advance Group to find your next position, you gain access to experienced professionals who not only know how to conduct an effective job search but can also connect you with leading employers throughout the area. Plus, they may be aware of vacancies that are not advertised to the public, giving you options that may not be accessible if you conduct all of your job search on your own.

If reducing the length of your commute is your number one priority, The Advance Group can create a search based on your wishes. If you want to land a job closer to home, let the team at The Advance Group help you locate your ideal role. Contact us to discuss your perfect position with one of our skilled recruiters today and see how our hiring and job search services can make finding an opportunity with a shorter commute as easy as possible.






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