2020’s Best Employees Will Have This Trait

The labor market has been tight for some time. Companies are having to rethink how they hire, as focusing on hard skills, experience, and formal education either isn’t always an option or doesn’t generate the desired outcome. Today, employers have to look beyond traditional qualifications if they want to find a candidate with real potential, and there is one trait that should be a priority: creativity.

Often, creative candidates are adept at thinking outside the box. They can bring a unique perspective to a team or find solutions to problems that others may have overlooked. As a result, they can be incredible assets, even if they don’t have every technical skill you originally wanted to find.

If you are wondering why the best employees in 2020 will be those with boundless creativity, here’s an in-depth look at what they are bringing to the table.


When a candidate is a creative thinker, they are often highly skilled at innovating solutions. They apply their unique way of thinking to the problem-solving process, looking for unexplored options and previously undiscovered approaches that can yield results.

Creativity means the person isn’t bound by conventional thinking or traditional methods. They aren’t afraid to ask, “what if,” and head into new territory, and that can make them incredibly valuable problem solvers.

Exploring Opportunities

Creative thinkers enjoy exploring options that others haven’t. They are often incredibly passionate about exploring opportunities to determine if they are viable or can be leveraged to generate great results. Plus, they aren’t afraid that not every idea will pan out. They aren’t hindered by that possibility, as the thrill of being able to seize a new opportunity overrides any nerves they may be feeling.

New Perspectives

When an employee is creative, they can examine an issue for nearly any angle. They are skilled at putting themselves in other people’s shoes, such as exploring a topic from the viewpoint of a company’s customers. This allows them to present new perspectives that might not be represented in your team, as they can serve as a useful stand-in for that view.


Change is often inevitable in business. While not all employees handle it well, creative thinkers are usually adept at facing the unknown, and will typically do so enthusiastically. They enjoy new challenges and aren’t afraid of shifting paradigms. The urge to explore and imagine the possibilities makes it easy for them to roll with the punches and adapt, something that can make them valuable additions to any team.

Ultimately, by hiring for creativity, companies can find exceptional candidates who are willing to learn, grow, innovate, and explore on the job. This makes them incredible assets, injecting new perspectives into a team, and fostering a sense of excitement along the way.

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