Never Call Yourself This…

As the coronavirus outbreak fundamentally altered the daily lives of people all across the globe, more than 17 million Americans found themselves without a job in a matter of weeks. For the vast majority, it’s was entirely unexpected. Additionally, the job loss had nothing to do with their capabilities or performance; it was merely a side effect of a mandatory business closure or dramatic dip in production.

Once this occurred, many professionals stopped referring to themselves by their last job title. Then, they took up a new mantle, unemployed.

While it may seem like referring to yourself as unemployed just means you are stating a fact, it’s technically something you should never call yourself. Here’s why.

“Unemployed” Isn’t Fair

While you might not be working currently, the term “unemployed” isn’t a fair reflection of your situation. For many, it carries a negative context, one that isn’t typically deserved. This is especially true since most of those who lost their positions weren’t fired, but laid off. If the coronavirus hadn’t altered the economy so drastically, they would still be working.

In reality, you are between jobs. Your current situation isn’t necessarily permanent or even long-term, so there’s no need to use a term that can come across as so definitive or dire. It also isn’t a reflection of what you bring to the table. Your performance wasn’t necessarily a factor.

Additionally, it’s essential to keep in mind that every job is essentially temporary. Right now, you are in a period of transition, and those are a normal part of being part of the workforce. Most people have several jobs throughout their careers, and even the occasional employment gap isn’t uncommon.

How to Move Forward

First and foremost, let go of the label. Don’t refer to yourself as “unemployed,” as that won’t help you to move forward. While it’s okay to acknowledge you are between jobs, be kind to yourself about the situation otherwise.

Next, launch your job search. Review your resume and make sure it’s up to date. Consider how you can use your skills in the current economy, and decide whether it’s wise to pivot into a new area. Most professionals have transferable skills that could allow them to shift into a different arena, including one that can move forward even when people are under stay-at-home orders.

If you want to stay in your field in the end, but can’t work in it now, research temporary roles that may be a reasonable fit. That way, you can bring in some income in the interim and transition back to your preferred job when the opportunity arises.

Ultimately, you aren’t alone if you’ve recently lost your job. Keep your chin up and use the tips above to move forward. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

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