What Are Job Seekers Looking for in an Employer? (And Do You Have It?)

Securing the best and brightest talent can be a challenge. Often, employers focus on their needs above all else, putting a significant amount of effort into finding and retaining professionals who can help them excel.

The issue is, if your company doesn’t have a strong enough employer value proposition, keeping your top performers on board is difficult. Similarly, if you don’t showcase what you have to offer employees, your recruitment efforts may fall short.

Ultimately, job seekers have needs, and they favor employers who will meet them. If you want to make sure you can entice the best candidates to apply and keep them for the long-term, here’s a look at what you need to offer.

Clear Career Paths

Most professionals have career goals beyond their current (or even their next) position. As a result, they favor employers who can help them move forward at a solid pace.

If your company doesn’t have clear career paths, you’ll struggle to land top talent. Merely saying that you promote from within or that a position comes with advancement potential isn’t enough. Instead, you need well-defined frameworks that outline each career progression step, ideally with accompanying average timelines. That way, job seekers know precisely how they can rise through the ranks.

Robust Training Options

Similarly, top performers prefer employers that have robust training programs. Most professionals enjoy exploring new territory and expanding their skill set. Without formalized approaches available, some candidates may fear that they won’t have access to professional development if they choose to work for you.

To entice job seekers, provide details about all available training programs. This can include traditional educational options as well as more organic methods, like mentorships.

Strong Core Benefits Plans

Neglecting your core benefits package is a surefire way to miss out on top talent. Your medical, dental, vision, and prescription plan needs to be comprehensive, and your retirement plan needs to be stable. Having a generous vacation and sick leave policies is also critical.

The Right Perks

You can’t balance out a weaker core benefits package with perks, so don’t assume that free breakfast will make up for a subpar medical plan. However, if you want to add perks to make your offering stronger, focus on areas that’ll make the most significant impact.

For example, tuition reimbursement or student loan repayment assistance can be incredibly valuable to many job seekers. The ability to do volunteer work on company time can also be enticing.

If you add perks, make sure to include a range that will appeal to different candidates. Not all professionals have the same needs, so offering a variety ensures that there’s something for everyone.

Ultimately, everything listed above can be desirable in the eyes of job seekers. If you’d like to learn more about how to locate and secure top talent for your open positions, the staff at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today and see how our recruitment and retention expertise can benefit you.






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