Job Seekers Are Looking for Something Else Post-COVID. Do You Offer It?

COVID-19 didn’t just fundamentally alter the business landscape; it also changed employee expectations about work. In a post-COVID world, job seekers have new priorities when they are considering a new employer. And if you don’t offer what candidates are hoping to find, you may be missing out on top talent.

Luckily, much of what today’s job seekers are searching for isn’t difficult to offer or showcase in your job ads. If you aren’t sure you’re bringing the right stuff to the table, here’s a look at what candidates want to find in a post-COVID landscape.


Many professionals have personally experienced working from home due to the pandemic. Shelter-in-place orders during the early days of COVID-19 made heading to the office, not an option, so companies had to adapt and embrace telecommuting to maintain operations.

As a result, professionals understand the benefits that come with working remotely, and many won’t be interested in abandoning the arrangement entirely. While they will become increasingly open to returning to offices part of the time, there’s a good chance top talent will favor employers that give them some degree of flexibility. This could include anything from alternative work schedules to allowing them to work from home at least on occasion.

To put it simply, if you aren’t offering any flexible arrangements, you may have trouble securing the candidates you need. That means adding flexible options may no longer be optional for companies seeking to get their hands on leading candidates.


Flexibility isn’t the only thing professionals got a taste of during the pandemic; they also had a larger degree of autonomy. Managers had to give their teams greater ownership over their tasks as their employees began working from home as there was simply no way to exude a substantial amount of control.

Since many top performers don’t require much oversight to thrive, the increase in autonomy was often highly appreciated. It allowed them to focus on results and solve their own problems, something they will likely look for in future employers.


Security can be a bit of an ambiguous term, as it may mean different things to each candidate. However, it is increasingly becoming a priority for many, mainly because of the uncertainty COVID-19 created.

Offering candidates a sense of security can come in many forms. Comprehensive sick leave programs can be one approach, ensuring your employees have protections if they or a family member fall ill. Telecommuting options can be another, as they provide mechanisms that can keep your team working even if new shelter-in-place orders emerge, decreasing the odds they’ll find themselves suddenly unemployed.

Ideally, companies who want to offer security need to reflect on the concerns professionals have at this time. That way, they can find opportunities to address them, ensuring they can provide a sense of security to new hires.

Ultimately, COVID-19 has changed candidate expectations. If your company is looking to hire, aligning your offerings with those expectations is essential, ensuring you can position your organization as an employer of choice today and into the future.

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