Can You Quit a Job on Day 1?

In many cases, your first day on the job comes with a few surprises. While you may have learned quite a bit about the company and position during the hiring process, it’s always possible that some details weren’t covered.

At times, the surprises you encounter are positive. However, that isn’t always the case. For example, you may discover quickly that the job isn’t actually as strong of a match as you thought it would be or that the culture doesn’t meet your needs.

In situations like that, you may begin to wonder, is it okay to quit a job on the first day? After all, leaving so quickly could harm your reputation, something that could hurt you now and in the future. But does that mean you shouldn’t make a shift exit? If that is running through your mind, here’s what you need to know.

Reasons You May Want to Quit on Day One

There are times when quitting on your first day can certainly be the right move. First, if a company has questionable ethics, that may be enough to make an exit warranted. Illegal or dishonest behavior isn’t likely to change. Plus, if you’re seeing evidence on day one, there’s a good chance that the situation is actually far worse than it initially appears.

Another sign that leaving right away could be the right move is if the job is nothing like advertised. While nearly any position will come with a few duties that you may not expect, if all or the vast majority of your responsibilities are outside of what you were told, you may be a victim of a bait and switch. If the job was genuinely misrepresented, that’s an example of dishonesty in the organization, so don’t feel obligated to stay.

In some cases, money may be a justifiable reason to exit. If you show up for your first day only to find that your salary is lower than what was promised, heading for the door makes sense. Similarly, if they try to charge you for training, that could be a sign of a scam, so you may want to think twice before paying or staying.

If a workplace is legitimately dangerous, then quitting on your first day could also make sense. When the workplace is unsafe and allows harmful practices to occur, you are putting yourself at risk. Leaving, as a result, may be your best choice.

Finally, if there are signs of rampant toxicity, you may be better off quitting. Clear evidence of a toxic culture on your first day is likely only the tip of the iceberg. You may be setting yourself up for a lot of unnecessary hardship if you stay. Plus, even if the company hopes to improve, it could take years for the culture to recover, years you may not want to spend in that environment.

What to Do After Quitting on Your First Day

If you do quit on your first day, you need to relaunch your job search immediately. As you know, it can take time to secure a new position, so it’s best to hit the ground running.

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