This Is Your Sign to Look for a New Job

Deciding whether now is the right time to look for a new job isn’t always easy. It’s normal to feel conflicted, partially because seeking out a different opportunity means taking a bit of a risk, but it could also help you reach the next level.

However, there are some situations where heading toward something new is clearly the best move. If you aren’t sure whether you should launch a job search, here are some signs that it could be a good idea.

You’re Constantly Overworked

While a short period of being overtasked isn’t always an issue, if you’re constantly overworked and the likelihood of changing is slim, it could be time for a new job. Feeling as if you can never keep up is bad for your stress levels and wellbeing.

Plus, it could indicate that the company struggles with workload management, staffing, or other operational areas. Taken together, it means that the odds that things will change are fairly slim, making finding a new job your best bet if you want a better situation.

Your Salary Isn’t Budging

Over time, if you’re taking on new responsibilities and your work quality is top-notch, your salary should usually rise. It’s normal to offer more compensation as the workload increases, especially if the new duties are a permanent addition to your plate.

If you see your responsibilities increase, but your salary isn’t budging, that’s a potential problem. Not only does it indicate the company may not value your contributions, but it also keeps your pay from keeping pace with inflation. As the years pass, you actually lose buying potential, even though your salary isn’t going down.

If you’re consistently receiving rave reviews and your workload is expanding, don’t ignore it if your salary continues to remain set. That could be a sign that finding a new job is a necessity.

You’re Bored

In an ideal world, you’ll regularly have access to skill-boosting challenges on the job. Not only are these good for engagement, but they also elevate your career potential, giving you the ability to keep moving up.

If you find yourself consistently bored at work, that usually means you don’t see any of those beneficial challenges. When that happens, engagement falls, and your career can quickly stagnate.

First, it may be wise to speak with your manager to see if they can assign you new projects or responsibilities that will relight your fire. If that isn’t an option, then finding a different job may be your best option.

Your Work Environment Is Toxic

When it comes to good reasons to find a new job, leaving a toxic work environment is one of the biggest. If employees are constantly degraded, threatened, or abused, getting out of that situation as quickly as possible is a must for your wellbeing. Similarly, if everyone has a poor attitude or is incredibly apathetic, securing a new opportunity is a smart decision.

Ultimately, all of the situations above could be signs that it’s time to look for a new position. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level or want out of a bad job, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today.






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