Going Forward Every Manager Will Need These 3 Skills

While vaccine rollouts have been ongoing and re-opening processes are well underway, uncertainty remains. Many employees are dealing with a range of fears that weren’t common in the pre-pandemic landscape. Additionally, work paradigms have changed significantly, and many will remain altered for quite some time.

If a manager is going to navigate this new world successfully, certain capabilities are crucial. If you wonder which ones matter most, here is a look at three skills every manager will need going forward.

1. Empathy

Many professionals still have concerns about their health and wellness. Additionally, a significant number struggle to balance their personal and professional obligations, especially in response to ever-changing pandemic requirements and best practices.

Since struggle and worry are part of the landscape, leaders need to practice empathy. This can include during the development of formal policies and procedures and when interacting with an employee one-on-one.

The goal should be to be supportive and understanding, ensuring employee wellness remains a priority. By keeping that in mind, leaders can act in a more empathetic manner.

2. Hybrid Team Leadership

While many companies are bringing employees back into the workplace, the majority are doing it in stages, with a portion of their workforces working remotely on any given day. Some have decided to make telecommuting a permanent option for employees. In contrast, others have taken the extra step, openly recruiting distributed teams featuring professionals from around the country or world.

Since having remote team members will be a norm moving forward, managers need to adapt to that reality. Having hybrid team leadership skills is essential, ensuring you can effectively guide employees regardless of whether you ever engage in person.

Additionally, managers will need the ability to promote collaboration in these distributed environments. That’s another component of a comprehensive hybrid team leadership skill set. Effective collaboration ensures productivity remains high, making it critical for overall success.

3. Diplomatic Decision-Making

In most cases, managers are responsible for making a wide variety of decisions while performing their duties. However, doing so in isolation isn’t ideal.

Instead, leaders need to embrace diplomatic decision-making. This includes learning about the needs, respecting outside opinions, and delivering decisions in a manner that doesn’t lead to significant negative emotions.

Effective diplomatic decision-making often begins with feedback. Learning about their needs and preferences with employees ensures leaders understand how their teams view a situation. From there, they can more easily identify mutually beneficial paths, ensuring that both the company’s and team’s needs are adequately addressed, and any hardships are limited.

Ultimately, all three of the skills above will be crucial for managers today and well into the future. By developing them now, leaders can ensure that they are ready for the post-pandemic business world.

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