These Perks Can Help You Attract New Talent

As re-opening processes continue, many workplaces are welcoming employees back into the office. However, many professionals are concerned about the transition, particularly how it will affect health, wellness, and work-life balance.

If you’re trying to attract new talent, addressing these concerns through a series of office perks can help. Here are some additions that can make your workplace more enticing and inviting in the eyes of candidates.

Relaxation Spaces

Having rooms set aside specifically for quiet relaxation can be an ideal perk in post-COVID-19 workplaces. It gives your employees an area where they can step away and recenter, something that can make a difference as professionals reacclimate to traditional work environments and direct interactions with colleagues.

Private Workstations

Maintaining social distancing standards can be challenging in many workplaces. By providing your employees with private workstations, you can make it easier. It gives workers designated places to be, and workstations can be positioned to provide the required distance.

Adding some walls or dividers can also be beneficial. They may help prevent the spread of the virus should someone fall ill. If you use opaque walls, you can add an extra sense of privacy. If you go with transparent materials, you can maintain an open feel while supporting separation.

Social Areas

Designating specific spaces as social areas can be a wise move. You create spots where socializing isn’t just permitted but actively welcomed. This can boost bonding among team members, something that may need a boost as they return to the workplace. Plus, these spaces can inject some fun into the work equation.

Within the social areas, add some opportunities for recreation. Mini pool tables, puzzles, or game consoles could be nice additions, particularly if team members are encouraged to interact with one another while participating.

Vibrant Interiors

In years past, many workplace interiors were far from inspiring. Furniture, flooring, and wall paint tended to be incredibly neutral, creating bland spaces that lacked energy.

If you want to attract new talent, updating your interior to be more vibrant can be a smart move. This can include adding bright pops of color, incorporating plants, displaying art, or other options that make the spaces feel lively.

Free PPE

While re-opening procedures are well underway in many areas, that doesn’t mean the fear of the pandemic is entirely gone. If you want to ensure that every member of your workforce feels comfortable, providing free PPE can make a difference.

Not only will your company seem prepared for any changes to safety requirements that emerge, but it also shows that you don’t want your workers to be burdened by those adjustments. Plus, it’s a perk that you can speak about openly with candidates, creating a way to highlight your company’s commitment to health.

In the end, all of the perks above can make attracting top talent easier. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to position your company as an employer of choice, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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