LinkedIn Might Not Be the Right Place to Find a Job…

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LinkedIn has long been touted as the go-to social media platform for career-oriented connections. Along with serving as a way to expand your professional network, it’s possible to connect with hiring managers and recruiters on the forum. Plus, you can apply for jobs using your profile, making it a more accessible option in the eyes of many.

However, that doesn’t mean LinkedIn is always the right place to find new opportunities. If you aren’t part of a particular niche of candidates, you may not find many openings through LinkedIn. Additionally, if you don’t position yourself correctly, getting results may be more complicated than you’d expect.

If you’re wondering why LinkedIn might not be the right place to find a job, here’s what you need to know.

LinkedIn Isn’t Ideal for New Members of the Workforce

By and large, LinkedIn focuses on experienced professionals who’ve already spent some time in their fields. The profile template is geared toward users with quite a bit to share. The platform encourages activities that boost someone’s visibility in their area or helps them position themselves as thought leaders.

If you’re new to the workforce, your LinkedIn profile will be a bit sparse. You may have a few – if any – details to add to many of the profile sections. Additionally, you’re likely not interested in posting your thoughts on a particular industry since you don’t have much time in it just yet. As a result, you may have a more challenging time enticing hiring managers and recruiters using your profile.

Additionally, since experienced professionals are the main focus, you will not find entry-level roles here. Instead, most openings filled through LinkedIn are mid-to upper-tier professionals, with the lowest-level opportunities usually requiring several years of experience.

As a result, newer workforce members likely won’t find many opportunities on LinkedIn. This includes recent college graduates without any practical experience.

You Can’t Customize Your Profile Every Time You Apply

Most experts recommend targeting your resume to the job you’re trying to land. With LinkedIn, that isn’t an option. Instead, you’ll build a comprehensive picture of your career based on your primary field of interest. While that can work for some roles, the approach is too generic for others.

Usually, updating your LinkedIn page for every application isn’t realistic, as it could require a major overhaul every time. Plus, if you apply to several jobs in relatively quick succession, you can’t target a unique version for each one; a single profile is all you get. That means that changes for one opening may make your profile a worse match for another position, which isn’t ideal.

“Easy Apply” Doesn’t Do What Many Candidates Expect

There’s an “Easy Apply” option on LinkedIn for many job ads. While you might assume that the hiring manager or recruiter gets a full copy of your profile when using it, that isn’t what happens. Instead, they get an incredibly pared-down version, featuring mainly your photo, headline, job titles, education, and skills list. Everything else on your profile isn’t automatically sent over.

As a result, what the hiring manager or recruiter sees can be surprisingly incomplete. You may end up looking like a poor fit simply because they aren’t getting much information. That’s especially true if you’re going for a career change where those limited details could make it look like you applied by mistake.

Ultimately, LinkedIn isn’t always the best way to find a job. If you’re looking for right-fit opportunities, another approach could be better. If you’d like to take your job search to the next level, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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