What to Include in Your Resume When Applying for Factory Work

What to Include in Your Resume When Applying for Factory Work The Advance Group

The production and manufacturing sectors are booming, creating ample opportunities for entry-level and skilled professionals alike. However, even if demand is high, ensuring you showcase the right skills on your resume when applying for factory work is essential. Otherwise, you may fail to separate yourself from the competition, reducing your odds of receiving a job offer. While every role is unique, certain skills are highly desirable within these industries.

Here’s a look at what to include in your resume when applying for factory work.

Heavy Lifting

Many factory jobs are pretty physical. As a result, job ads commonly mention the need for heavy lifting in the descriptions and must-have skills area. Make sure to mention your ability to handle the physical aspects of the role, including lifting heavier loads.

Additionally, if you have experience with equipment or machinery that assists with transporting heavy goods – such as forklifts – include that, as well. That shows you’re able to handle large, hefty loads using whatever approach is best for the situation.

Material Handling

Factories require a wide range of materials to create items, advanced materials, and products. In many cases, that means material handling is a critical job requirement. Typically, that skill involves being able to receive, organize, and inventory materials correctly. Additionally, collaborating with others and reporting can be part of the equation.

If you have material handling experience, provide examples on your resume that outline the nature of the duties. However, also include the phrase “material handling” in your skills section, ensuring that critical keyword is prominently featured.


Assembly is a multi-faceted skill that allows factory workers to put products or components together correctly. It can encompass capabilities like blueprint reading, using hand tools, operating machinery, and more.

Like material handling, you’ll want to mention the term “assembly” on your resume if you have applicable experience. Additionally, dive into the nuances of the duties, including mentioning skills, tools, and equipment that allowed you to tackle your assembly responsibilities efficiently and correctly.


Communication – both written and verbal – is critical in nearly any role, including practically all factory positions. It ensures that you’re able to relay information with ease, as well as take details in from others.

Along with highlighting your communication skills in the skills area of your resume, discuss achievements where communication and collaboration led to success. That allows you to demonstrate the effectiveness of your capabilities, making the point more impactful.


When you’re looking for factory jobs, it’s crucial to showcase your dependability. Being shorthanded can significantly hinder production, so hiring managers want to ensure that new hires will arrive for their shifts on time reliably. Additionally, they favor candidates who handle their responsibilities and commitments, as they can be trusted to do their fair share.

In some cases, mentioning your dependability in your resume summary is the simplest way to work the detail into your application. Otherwise, make sure some of your examples showcase you as reliable.

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Ultimately, each of the points above should make its way onto your resume if you’re looking for factory work. If you’d like to find out more or are interested in factory jobs, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.




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