How to Get the Attention of High School Graduates Looking for Work

How to Get the Attention of High School Graduates Looking for Work The Advance Group

With graduation season well underway, many new high school graduates are entering the workforce. This is a boon for employers, as it leads to a quick influx of talent who are looking to seize opportunities quickly. However, attracting high school graduates to your open positions can require a different recruitment approach.

If you want to get the attention of high school graduates looking for work, here’s how to go about it.

Use Temp-to-Hire Arrangements

Temp-to-hire roles aren’t just beneficial to employers; they’re also helpful for new high school graduates. For companies, these arrangements allow them to conduct working interviews to ensure a new hire is an excellent fit before extending a permanent offer. As a result, finding a strong match before an employer commits is simpler.

For job seekers that are beginning their journey into the workforce, temp-to-hire positions also assist them in several ways. High school graduates can explore fields and jobs first-hand, allowing them to see whether a particular career or employer is a solid fit. In turn, when a permanent offer arrives, they’ll feel confident moving forward, essentially providing some peace of mind.

That perspective then further benefits employers. Often, it can lead to a better long-term performance, as the new hire feels they’re in the right place. As a result, engagement and loyalty can remain high.

Offer the Right Benefits

New high school graduates may have different priorities when it comes to employer-provided benefits. For example, they may have more interest in access to training, as that helps them increase their comfort level in a new job and create the foundation for a career. For those who may pursue a college degree in the fall, flexible schedules could make working while studying easier to balance, causing that perk to become a top priority.

Consider what benefits specifically support the needs of new high school grads, then find ways to offer perks that support their goals. By doing so, it’s far easier to attract top talent in this segment of the labor force, as it positions your company as an employer of choice.

Simplify the Application and Hiring Process

Many new high school graduates are embarking on a potentially intimidating journey when they begin seeking their first job. They’re often unfamiliar with job applications and hiring processes, so they may have doubts or concerns about how things will unfold. Additionally, they may worry that their lack of job experience means they’ll struggle to get hired anywhere.

By keeping your application and hiring process simple, it makes the transition into the workforce easier for these candidates. Plus, it improves the candidate experience overall, allowing your company to make a sound first impression.

Partner with the Advance Group!

Since many new high school graduates are taking their first steps into the workforce, they often turn to staffing companies for assistance. Access to a recruiter gives them additional support, making the journey seem simpler. By also partnering with a recruitment agency, you get quick access to this critical source of talent, making it easier to fill vacant entry-level positions.

If you’d like to learn more or need to connect with top talent quickly, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.




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