Benefits of Working with a Properly Accredited Staffing Company Like The Advance Group

Why Work with a Properly Accredited Staffing Company

Companies in a wide variety of industries turn to staffing companies to handle their hiring needs. However, not all agencies are created equal. As an employer, you need to ensure that you partner with the right staffing company.

Ultimately, the quality of the staffing firm and the knowledge and experience of its staff members have a significant impact on your results. Since that’s the case, choosing a partner strategically is essential. One way to streamline the selection process is to focus on accredited staffing companies.

If you’re wondering why working with an accredited staffing company like The Advance Group is essential, here’s what you need to know.

Why You Should Partner with an Accredited Staffing Company

Partnering with an accredited staffing firm means your company gets access to critical expertise that may otherwise be unavailable. Each credential has specific requirements in order for individuals or organizations to qualify, and only those who possess the right knowledge and skills are eligible to maintain the related certifications.

A variety of certifications are relevant to the staffing industry. However, there are two prime examples of credentials that are worth looking for when choosing a recruitment firm as a partner.

First, the Certified Staffing Professional® (CSP®) program explicitly focuses on the staffing profession. It focuses on federal labor and employment law from the perspective of the staffing industry, and it dives deeper into the topic than most alternative credentials.

Second, the HRCI Associate Professional in Human Resources® (aPHR®) is a knowledge-based credential focused on the expertise leveraged by human resources professionals. It covers a wide array of skill areas, including compliance, risk management, talent acquisition, employee relations, compensation, and professional development.

When employees in a staffing company have the credentials above, it means they’re equipped to assist companies with a wide variety of recruitment and hiring needs. As a result, partnering with an accredited staffing agency works to your advantage, ensuring any advice, guidance, and support you receive aligns with critical legal requirements and best practices, leading to better results.

The Advance Group: An Accredited Staffing Company

At The Advance Group, we prioritize continuous education, ensuring every staff member has access to courses that enhance their knowledge and capabilities. Every member of the sales, recruiting, and management team has their CSP credential. Additionally, several also have their aPHR certification.

When you partner with The Advance Group, your company benefits from the expertise of our team. That provides you with a valuable source of guidance. Couple that with your knowledge about local labor market conditions and our goal of getting to know each client in-depth to ensure quality matches, and your path toward top talent is significantly streamlined.

Contact Our Team Today

At The Advance Group, we take pride in the certifications gathered by our team members. If you’d like to experience the difference partnering with an accredited staffing company makes firsthand, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our recruitment services today.




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