The Power of Temp-to-Hire: Testing Candidates Before Making a Commitment

The Power of Temp-to-Hire: Testing Candidates Before Making a Commitment

As an employer, finding the right-fit talent quickly and efficiently is typically a top priority. The issue is that it’s challenging to fully vet what a candidate brings to the table by reading resumes and conducting interviews alone. Even incorporating skills tests doesn’t eliminate all uncertainty. Fortunately, with temp-to-hire arrangements, you can achieve better results, reduce risk, and hire with confidence.

What Is Temp-to-Hire?

Temp-to-hire is a working arrangement where a selected candidate initially begins in a temporary position instead of a permanent one. Typically, these solutions are facilitated by a partnership with a staffing agency. After the candidate works in the role for a specific period – typically around three months – your company can decide whether they’re genuinely a strong fit and, if so, extend a permanent job offer with confidence.

Benefits of Temp-to-Hire

Conduct Working Interviews

The most significant benefit temp-to-hire programs provide is the ability to assess a candidate’s on-the-job performance before hiring them on permanently. Essentially, the selected candidate is participating in a working interview, performing the duties associated with the role as if they were a permanent employee.

When managed through a staffing agency, there’s no long-term commitment and less risk, as companies have the ability to release candidates that aren’t the best match should the need arise. For candidates that prove they’re the right fit, organizations can confidently extend a permanent job offer, allowing the worker to become a permanent part of their team.

Maintain Flexibility

With temp-to-hire arrangements through recruitment agencies, employers maintain a high degree of flexibility. While the goal is typically to evaluate candidates for permanent positions, extending a permanent job offer isn’t a requirement. As a result, if circumstances change at a company, they can release the candidates to right-size their workforce without issue.

Improve New Hire Retention

Bringing a new hire onto your payroll requires a significant amount of time and effort, and it frequently comes with a cost. That makes turnover among recent hires particularly worrisome for many employers.

Fortunately, temp-to-hire arrangements dramatically improve new hire retention. During the initial assignment, candidates get to ensure the role is a match for their needs, too. In turn, only candidates who genuinely feel the job is a match will accept a permanent job offer, leading to higher new hire retention.

Finding the Right Temp-to-Hire Staffing Agency

When you want to use temp-to-hire arrangements to conduct working interviews before extending permanent job offers, partnering with a staffing agency is essential. By working with a recruitment firm, you can minimize your costs and reduce risk.

Initially, the selected candidate remains on the staffing agency’s payroll and works on an assignment with your company. As a result, your organization doesn’t have any administrative burden relating to payroll and benefits administration. Plus, the recruitment firm is responsible for costs like unemployment and workers’ compensation, reducing risk dramatically.

At The Advance Group, we make temp-to-hire solutions accessible. Plus, our hiring options are customizable, allowing your company to get an approach that meets your needs. If you’re ready to explore temp-to-hire programs, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our versatile hiring solutions in Southgate, MI; Monroe, MI;  Sylvania, OH and surrounding areas today.




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