Now Is the Time to Take Control of Your Career!

Today, a surprising number of professionals leave their careers up to chance. For example, they may assume their employer will help them advance when the time is right, taking little ownership over their journey. The approach is incredibly passive, amounting to essentially a form of career autopilot. The issue is, no one will take control […]

Why You Should Be Grateful for Temporary Jobs

  Many job seekers question the value of temporary jobs. After all, they are typically short-term opportunities, so it may be hard to see how those experiences can help you during your career. However, temporary jobs can actually be incredibly beneficial. They give you the ability to explore different roles, industries, and workplaces, all without […]

Need Cash for Summer Fun? Here are 10 Amazing Part-Time and Temporary Jobs

  Summer is an exciting time. Families head out on vacations, professionals and students plan activities that help them relieve stress, and kids of all ages are typically out of school. Most people look forward to a bit of fun during the summer months, but some activities come with a price tag. And, if you […]

A Short Work Experience Doesn’t Keep You Out of the Race!

Are you a new college grad with limited career experience? Have you been working a series of short term jobs with no real direction? Do not let a short work experience keep you from landing a new job. Short work experience should not prevent you from landing the job of your dreams in your industry, but […]

Should You Offer Paid Internships?

  Internships are a staple of the college experience. Some colleges require that their students complete an internship prior to graduating, while others strongly suggest that students gain valuable real-world experience. Students can choose whether they want to earn college credits for their internship, or receive payment for the work performed. It also depends on […]

Job Seeker Tips – Who Should You Use as References?

As a serious job seeker, you may have encountered plenty of job applications that ask you to provide a few references. This often stumps some job seekers, because they are not entirely sure whom they should list here. On the one hand, not providing a reference could cause you to not get considered for the […]