“Working at the Advance Group has been a game-changer for me. I joined to save for a car, build my savings, and travel. The proximity of the company was a deciding factor. Now, as we distribute Ford’s car parts, I feel proud of our contribution to the automotive industry. What I love most is the camaraderie with my coworkers—laughter, jokes, and a peaceful work environment. The Advance Group has not just been a job; it’s been a fulfilling experience.”- Domonatae Ward


“The Advance Group has been a perfect fit for me. Your considerate and motivated approach made job placement quick and efficient. The competitive hourly wage and convenient location were exactly what I was looking for. Working with the respectful and open-minded team has made my experience enjoyable. I appreciate that my job is not physically demanding, providing peace of mind. I highly recommend Advanced Staffing to friends and family for your fast and thoughtful employee placement. Thank you, Donna, and the entire team!”