I just wanted to let you know, that this is my first time using a Staffing Agency. I worked with your staffing specialist Renee (Monroe, Michigan Office) and she was fantastic. I got a job with her right away. I really appreciate her professional manner, she was very respectful and courteous. She did a great job and I just wanted to let you know that.

Carla Brusseau

Mindy knew exactly the type of person we needed and confirmed her within hours of my request, great work! I love that she knew exactly what we needed, I don’t get that from the other TWO agencies we have!

Amanda Martin | HR Generalist

The staff is very helpful and polite! They got me working right away. Not only did they help me find a job they did follow up calls to see how I liked the new job. Great work Advance Group, keep it up!

Thomas L. | Plant Supervisor

The staff is very helpful and polite! They got me working right away. Not only did they help me find a job they did follow up calls to see how I liked the new job. Great work Advance Group, keep it up!

James B.

My experience with Advance has been nothing short of amazing. They were able to find the perfect job for me in a matter of weeks! I am extremely happy with my current temporary position and can’t wait to see where they place me next! I have been working with Renee, who found me my current job. She has been very helpful and communicative throughout the entire process. The company I am working at is a welcoming work environment with friendly employees. Each day is challenging and rewarding! Thank you Advance!

Lindsay Nocella

I want to thank you for all of your hard work in helping us staff our current call center.  There were many times that I couldn’t have done it without you.  Your pool of candidates always seems to be better than the pool I tend to get.  Simply put, you have helped make my job easier in this regard.  Your team will still be the first that comes to mind when hiring!

Colleen M. | General Manager

“Your office facility is outstanding. I dealt with Nick Hughes, Andrea and Brenda. They were all the epitome of courteous, cheerful, helpful and professional. I would rate them each at a 10+!”

Richard McQuillan

“Definitely a positive experience. It’s sort of a “help us help you” kind of deal and I love it because it’s really up to you rather or not you decide to apply yourself but they are still willing to help you find the job right for you.”

Briana Perry

“Everyone was very friendly and it did not take them long to place me at a job”

Mary Schiewe- Employee

“So far it’s been amazing. Everyone has treated me with respect and has been very nice and helpful, especially the lady at the front desk she has bent over backwards to help me.”

Tanya- Employee

“All of the staff members I talked to were extremely friendly and were more than able to help me with any questions I had.”

Tommy- Employee

“I like the Advance Group. Even though one job didn’t work out, they got me back to work quickly. Thanks Advance”

Triana- Employee

Great! The front office is really easy to deal with and my staffing professional Nikki is very understanding and informative. I’ve had a great experience here.

Johnny Riddle

Advance Staffing Solutions placed me with an assignment that allowed me to use the educational skills and training I learned from Monroe County Community College.  Thank you for your help Advance!

Ericka Polanski

After being out of work for over one year, I discovered Advance Staffing Solutions. They were the ONLY staffing agency that cared and was willing to go above and beyond to help me find employment. I was placed in a job within one week of applying with Advance. The staff is outstanding, friendly and very helpful. I’ve recommended Advance to several people that are still looking for employment. As quickly as they helped me, I’m sure they will do the same for them!! Advance Staffing Solutions is AWESOME!!

Valerie Sword

Advance Staffing was very professional and courteous. They were very thorough with there in processing. I was with two other agencies and got calls for jobs I didn’t even apply for. I recommend them to anyone trying to find a real job! Thank you Advance Staffing!

T. Linkes