4 Tips for a Long-Distance Job Search that Get Results

Several areas of the country have faced worse economic conditions than others. Some areas have been so depressed there is little prospect for opportunities for job seekers. As a result, many people have decided to conduct a long-distance job search to try and find employment in other communities. Trying to conduct a long distance job search can be a daunting task. The areas are unfamiliar. Following the right steps can make the job search easier.

Focus On Options

One of the surprising aspects of conducting a job search in another area is the greater competition with other candidates. It can also be a more time consuming process.  It is necessary to focus and concentrate on the jobs being sought after in this job search, which may be different depending on the locale.  For this reason, start by limiting the number of locations to search in. Take into account your personal situation and apply it to these areas. Look at cost of living, local schools, and quality of life. Many areas try to advertise to people moving to their areas by showing what their areas have to offer. Look into what areas have the best job prospects in your industry. Limit the search to twenty positions get a better idea of prospects in each area.

Access Your Network

Having a well-developed network can help uncover  long-distance career opportunities. Friends and family who have relocated can be consulted regarding job opportunities. Professional contacts can also be utilized to learn of new job openings. Use online searches for terms like “telecommute”, “relocation assistance” and “remote” for the best results when looking for a long-distance job. Consider joining a nationwide professional association in your industry. These organizations offer job search assistance to members and direct access to unadvertised openings in different parts of the country within the industry.

Social Media

The use of social media has enhanced the ability to research information and communicate with others remotely. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow more people to communicate from other parts of the country. Developing a professional profile and a strategic business network through these sites can help enhance job prospects. People very often share information on who is hiring and what kinds of jobs may be available. Sites like Digg and Stumble upon may give news and information about employment in several locations.

Register With Employment Firms

It is a good idea to register with a national staffing firm, like Advance Temporary Services, to access openings across the country. Getting involved with the local office of a national company gives access to resources for openings throughout the country. Representatives should be aware that you are willing to relocate to assist your job search. Contacting recruiters and search firms in the areas of interest can give information about employment markets.


A long-distance job search can be challenging, but not impossible if you follow the above tips. Using the proper resources can make it easier.  Get a job start on your long-distance job search by working with the career experts at Advance Temporary Services today.




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