How to Become a Valuable Employee and Keep Your Job Safe

In an employment market where there is a large pool of potential employees to replace you, it becomes very important for individuals to ensure they are on the same page with employers. To make sure that your job remains yours, be a team player and be a part of the company’s success. Now more than ever it is critical to do the best job you can and to always ensure you are one-step ahead of the game.

Be a Positive Professional

People like to work with others who have a positive attitude. Even if people around you are being laid off, keep your head up and keep being positive about your position. It pays to show your commitment to the company. You also need to ensure that the layoffs happening around you do not do anything to affect your performance on the job. You want your employer to see you as a solid employee.

Ensure You Are Visible

One of the easiest things for an employer to do is to cut the job of an employee that is not as important as other employees are. If you want to ensure your position remains safe, work to increase your visibility. You do not want to try to become invisible when layoffs are out there. Rather, you need to ensure that you have a great relationship with your superiors and that you are always helping the company in some way. This gives the employer the ability to think, “That Joe, he’s always working hard.” They should know you and trust you as an important asset to the team.

Work to Improve

In addition to doing the best job you can, always look for ways to improve your value. If you can do your job and do the job of someone else well, that means you are more valuable to the company. It is important to ensure you have the strongest skill set possible when it comes to doing your job. When there is a new assignment, it pays to be the one that can step forward to take it on rather than being the one that fades into the background.

Polish Up Your Job Performance

It is always a good idea to do your job properly. Don’t be late for work. Do stay late if you need to. Don’t use your work computer for non-work activities. Don’t be the reason for an argument in your office but be the solution instead. Don’t add to the expenses of a business, but find ways to reduce them. It pays to show your superiors that you know things are tough and that you are doing your best to help the company.

It is impossible to protect yourself from all job losses. However, the more important and valuable you are to a company, the more likely the company is to keep you around. Don’t be anything less than a team player who is working to benefit the company’s bottom line. Doing so could help your employer look over you when job layoffs have to happen. Keep your job safe by being a valuable employee.




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