Crisis Management Leadership in Tough Times – Tips for Success

In every business, there will arrive an event that will quickly become a crisis for management to deal with. From PR disasters and employee injuries to consumer lawsuits and financial strife, businesses are not immune to the effects of a crisis. However, being prepared as a business leader can be the difference between surviving a period of crisis or shutting your doors.

When a Crisis Comes – Keeping a Level Head as a Leader

It’s important to have the tools to become a better leader for crisis management. Read on to learn how to manage things well when a crisis situation comes knocking.

Eliminate False Information

Oftentimes, when a crisis happens, the first thing that will happen is that the rumor mill with begin to circulate amongst employees, clients, and the outside world. You’ll need to be on top of this and stop any rumors and false statements immediately. Hold a press conference or send out an email to all employees to let them know in as little information as possible what has happened, what you as a company leader are doing about it, and what to expect. Hire a press officer to handle outside rumors or slanderous comments by the local media.

Communicate Clearly

Being a leader means having the ability to clearly communicate truthful information to others. As soon as you are able to, have an internal staff meeting to discuss the facts and dispel any fears that your employees may have. Confidently deliver your message to others, and make sure they understand you are personally taking responsibility for the crisis management. Leave the emotions out of your communications, but be  honest.

Maintain and Protect the Team

A crisis can cause people to break away from the team structure, and start looking out for number one. This is when people fear being scapegoated for the problems that have arisen, wondering who is getting thrown under the bus for the crisis. As a leader, it’s up to you to keep your team together and communicating how important it is to stick it out for the betterment of the entire company. Communicate well that every member of your team is valuable and needed during this tough time.

Remember, by hiring great people to be part of your team, you stand the chance of surviving even the most challenging of crises. Advance Staffing Solutions can help support your organizational needs for a better team structure, and people who are capable of leadership in troubling times. Let us help you stay on top of your game during a crisis and anytime of the business season.




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