Boost Your Line’s Performance Today – Manufacturing Workforce Management

The manufacturing industry is not dead; it’s thriving despite predictions from economic sources. However, there has been slower than normal growth in this market due to the higher than average cost of materials and transportation. Manufacturing staffing has also suffered somewhat, with less than 9,000 factory jobs added last summer and approximately 3.5 million job openings being advertised as of the beginning of 2013 according to a US News report. That’s in sharp contrast compared to the 11 million unemployed people currently saturating the job market. On the other side, experts are also predicting a sharp rise in consumer spending this summer which should drive up demand for a wide variety of manufactured goods.

Yet, with all the uncertainty right now for this year, there are still some ways to develop your manufacturing business strategy to maximize the staff you have on board now. This will have a positive effect on your production rates and additional revenues that can help support the addition of new temporary and permanent manufacturing workers.  Here are some suggested ways to boost your line’s performance, to reach these goals.

  1. Streamline all of your manufacturing and inventory systems into one well-managed computerized product.
  2. Cross-train and mentor your current employees so that they can support peak production cycles and improve their efficiency and skills.
  3. Look to employee incentive programs and wellness campaigns to improve motivation and overall morale.
  4. Partner with vendors to provide integrated ordering, shipping and receiving of goods to reduce time and costs.
  5. Carefully manage your staff to spot signs of burnout or stress, then promptly provide support or paid time off.
  6. Contract with a staffing service onsite to manage all your recruitment, screening, hiring and training needs at a cost savings.

While the summer’s manufacturing trends are yet to be seen, preparing now can help you to boost your overall performance and raise productivity levels in your lines. Advance Staffing Solutions can help you design a staffing management plan that includes the use of temporary workers, trainers, and employee recruitment and screening services. Look to our recruitment experts for ongoing manufacturing staff support.




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