Company Culture and Hiring Go Hand-in-hand

The success of the workplace is often determined by the level of employee satisfaction that exists. This employee happiness often translates to the overall corporate culture that places emphasis on taking care of employees. Therefore, it’s easy to see how company culture and a hiring strategy intersect. To hire the best, one must offer the best to candidates.

How can an organization create a corporate culture based on a successful recruitment strategy? Simple. Think like a high performance candidate. Here are some ways to attract the best candidates with a well-designed corporate culture.

Hire for personality fit.

While many recruiters focus on skillsets and educations as primary in the hiring process, the key to successful hiring is to evaluate the unique personality of each candidate too. Various candidate assessment tools can be used to accomplish this. Why is hiring for personality important? In high performance work environments, the ability to work within the existing corporate culture and with other team members can make or break any project.

Create unique benefits.

Candidates expect to find the normal benefit packages such as health and life insurance plans. A corporate culture that will attract better candidates is one in which the company offers more perks and benefits. Consider the advantages of a corporate wellness program, supplemental insurance programs, and cash bonuses for top performers.

Share your culture.

If you have a great corporate culture, don’t be afraid to show it off to the rest of the world! Use social networks to share images of company celebrations. Create a corporate branded career page that reflects your work culture and values. Get the word out there that you employ happy people and this will attract happy candidates to your doors.

Use a smart recruiting plan.

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone when building a team made from well-matched candidates. Hiring for corporate culture narrows things down a bit, but a staffing agency such as Advance Temporary Services can make this easier. Imaging having access to candidates who blend in well with your corporate culture, and have the skills that your business needs to grow?

Discover what motivates.

Developing a corporate culture means getting buy in from your employees from day one. To start things off on the right foot with every new hire, take the time to discover what motivates and inspires your employees. Focus on these aspects as you recruit from the pool of eligible candidates. Then keep your people interested with meaningful incentives.

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