What You Need to Know About Social Hiring and Recruiting

Social media began over a decade ago as a way to engage with others, find old friends, and connect with people all across the world. Over the years, it has changed dozens of times and is now being used by many organizations for recruiting employees. Not only does social media give recruiters a chance to find out more about potential candidates, but it allows them to reach more people as well.

Many job seekers are going past online job boards and looking for employment through sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. As a recruiter, to go after the best candidates you’ll need to keep up with the times for successful social hiring and recruiting.

The Rise of Social Media in Recruiting

One of the primary reasons social hiring exists today is because of how much social media is actually used. According to a recent career survey conducted by a career job portal, two in five employees found their job through a social media site. The statistics also showed that 39 percent of companies are successfully using social media for recruiting. The fact remains that everyone is using social media sites more, job seekers and employers included. By incorporating methods for finding great employees through social media, you are reaching more candidates.

Educate Yourself on Social Media in Recruitment

As a recruiter, you need to start out by educating yourself on the different social media sites use for finding employment. You are probably aware of LinkedIn, as it is used by millions of people for finding employment, as well as by businesses seeking top level candidates. But that isn’t the only site to use for social media hiring and recruiting. You also want to employ other social media sites and really find out how the sites are being used and which are the most popular. Some recommended sites to use are Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.

Watch Your Competition

Another great way to start recruiting through social media is by watching your competition. If you know of other businesses in the same industry that recruit through social media sites, take a look at their accounts and see what they are implementing. This gives you a hint as to what methods work, and which you can implement to stand out from them. Think of unique ways to reach potential job candidates so that you can keep up with your competition’s recruiting efforts.

Develop a Long-Term Strategy

Finally, make sure you have a solid recruiting strategy and that it has good long-term effects. Just because you start out with one method of recruiting, doesn’t mean you have to maintain that method. Perhaps over time, you have found that certain techniques of finding candidates isn’t working for you as well as they used to. Move on and find another way, such as posting on a different site, connecting with industry specific groups and social members, and searching through tweets of individuals announcing their need for employment.

Social media hiring and recruiting has proved to be successful for many companies, and you can do very well with it with regular practice. The most important thing is to have a plan, rather than just jumping in and hoping for the best.

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