How to Keep Employees Productive During 2014

Keeping employees productive in a New Year can be challenging, especially when motivating those who have been with the company for a long time. Not every employee will need new incentives to work hard or to complete their projects on-time, but the tips outlined in this article can be put into effect in your company.

Bonuses and Other Financial Rewards

An excellent way to keep employees productive in 2014 is to begin offering bonuses or other financial rewards for top-notch work. Bonuses can be handed out at the completion of a major project, at the end of every year, or at designated times during the year. Other financial rewards could include handing out gift cards or other incentives for employees who have done an excellent job.

An Assortment of Perks

Outside of financial rewards or bonuses, a variety of non-cash perks  and incentives can help your employees stay productive at work. Such perks include extra vacation days, half-days, casual dress days, office parties and social events with the employees outside of the office.

Learning Reimbursement and Support

A very popular perk that companies tend to offer is an education reimbursement. Any employee whom enrolls in such a program will be able to take courses and then have the tuition reimbursed by their employer should they earn a grade specified by the program’s requirements. Education not only creates a more skilled workforce at your company, but it also creates loyalty amongst your employees.

Workplace Amenities

Have you ever considered offering on-site daycare centers for your employees? This will help them focus more on their work instead of worrying about the care that their children are receiving. Other amenities include an upgraded cafeteria or a gym on-site at the office. The more comfortable you can make your workplace, the more productive and positive your employees will be when working.

Positive Reinforcement

If you are unable to add any of the aforementioned items to your workplace, you can go with the traditional positive reinforcement. Rewarding or recognizing an employee for an excellent job on a project in front of the rest of the office can go a long way towards their loyalty and productivity. Even if the public recognition is simply a mention in the internal company newsletter, it can make a world of difference.

Give Your Employees a Say

Is there a better way to motivate your employees than listening to what they have to say? We don’t think so. The more you listen to your employees’ ideas and insights, the more likely it is that they will want to be productive at work as much as possible. The next step in this process is to then use the policy or idea the employee has suggested. They will see that their ideas are taken seriously and that will encourage them to continue plugging away each day.

Don’t Watch the Clock

Your employees have very busy lives outside of work, which means that they might have to come in late one day or leave early the next for various issues. A child could be sick, the employee could be closing on a new home, or the employee could be feeling bad. Do not watch the clock and make comments about your employee’s use of time unless he or she is taking advantage of the system. Instead, offer flexible work arrangements and the opportunity to make up lost work time later in the week.

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