Why You Need a Career Mentor

There are a multitude of things a person can do these days to improve the success they have in their career. One of those things is having a career mentor. Not everyone employs the use of a career mentor, but it is definitely something that should be taken into consideration. We will discuss the most important benefits of having a career mentor in this post so you can see why having one is so vital to the health of your career.

Mentors Can Help With Shortcomings

It can be incredibly easy to see the shortcomings and the weaknesses of other people, but when it comes to your own, they can be very difficult to see. When this happens, it might be in your best interest to use a mentor. A mentor will be able to evaluate you as an employee and take a long look at your career. When he or she does this, they might be able to point out what is holding you back in your search for a new job or for a promotion.

Mentors Can Teach New Things

As with a teacher or an academic adviser, mentors will be able to teach you new things. Your career mentor should be from within your industry or work niche in order to make the relationship as successful as possible. You do not know everything there is to know about your career or the industry in which you work. This is why you need a career mentor. A career mentor has the years of experience needed to show and teach you what you are yearning to know.

Mentors Will Keep Conversations Confidential

Another great thing about having a career mentor is the fact that you will be able to talk with him or her about almost anything related to your work life without fear of repercussions. You might not be able to complain about a boss or co-worker to someone you feel is a best friend in the office. But, you can be open and honest with your career mentor as much as you would like.

Learn How to be a Mentor Yourself

As you continue to gain work experience and develop a relationship with your career mentor, you can learn how to be a mentor yourself at the same time. This means that you will be gaining the same skills and knowledge that your mentor has that you could use someday if you are asked to be a mentor for someone else within your industry.

Career mentors are very popular these days, even though not everyone employs this benefit of the workforce. If your career has stalled, you might want to consider finding someone to be your career mentor so you can get back on the right track. Contact Advance Staffing Solutions today to learn more about how to successfully navigate your career mentor relationship, or to find a new career today!





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