Getting Employees Back on Track After the Holidays

Getting Employees Back on Track After the Holidays


Returning to work following the holiday season can be difficult for many employees out there. Reasons for this include all the decorations are gone, there is no time-off scheduled for a couple of months, the workload is heavier and there are no scheduled office parties. It can be difficult to get employees back on track following the holidays, but it can be done. We will give you some employee performance tips below.

Modify Expectations

An excellent way to get your employees back on track after the holidays is to modify expectations when it comes to workload and due dates. Avoid discussing performance issues at work in the first few weeks of January because it can overwhelm employees. Do not increase workloads early in the month as employees will need a couple of days to resume their normal workflow.

Offer an Employee Wellness Program

Another good idea is to offer an employee wellness program in the month of January. Introducing a new program in the early months of the year can help employees rebound from the stresses of the holiday season. There needs to be attainable goals in this program that employees can reach every so often so they know they are succeeding. You can also host a professional development day to help employees re-focus on the task at hand.

Make Managers More Accessible

Your company must make managers more accessible during the first two months following the holiday season. When managers are easier to talk to and are seen often around the office, it will help employees re-focus their energy and effort on their projects. When managers always have their doors shut, workers will tend to wander and slack off at their desks.

Create a To-Do List

When employees return to work following the holiday season, it is a good idea to encourage them to create a to-do list. Have them prioritize which tasks on that list are most important and should be completed first. When they have goals outlined, they are more inclined to focus on their work and not slack off after the holidays.

Do Not Multi-Task

Warn your employees against multitasking right after the holiday season. You want them to gradually get back to work and multitasking could overwhelm them. Instead, let them focus on just one project at a time until they feel they are completely focused on work.

Tell Employees to Self-Evaluate

Tell your employees to self-evaluate after each day at work following the holidays. Have them look at what they accomplished that day at work and what they were unable to accomplish. A self-evaluation by an employee can help turn their focus back to work after the holiday season.

Getting your employees back on track following the holidays is important. The sooner they return their focus to work, the better your office will operate. If you need more help getting your employees back on track, or filling in vacancies, contact the staffing experts at Advance Staffing Solutions today.








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