Can LinkedIn Recommendations Help You Land a Job?

Can LinkedIn Recommendations Help You Land a Job


Millions of people are on LinkedIn these days in an effort to improve their reach within their industry and to find a new job in Sylvania OH. The best way to do this is by having a complete profile, which means that it must include recommendations from previous employers, co-workers, mentors or college professors. Recommendations from those who know you best will help you land a job.

Find out how to leverage LinkedIn to land a job sooner, with these tips below:

Identify Your People Who are the Best Fit to Recommend You

The first step in landing a job via a LinkedIn recommendation is by identifying the people within your network who are best fit to recommend you. Instead of sending out a mass email to the hundreds of people in your network, identify who knows you best from college, a previous job or a current job. Send out five recommendation requests per week until you receive a set number of recommendations you think is best for your profile.

Recommend First, Then Ask

Instead of directly asking a connection to recommend you, consider recommending them first. They will either reciprocate without having to be asked or will kindly write you a recommendation after you nudge them just a little bit. It is never a good idea to ask for a recommendation without offering something in return first.

Create a List of Accomplishments

Make sure your LinkedIn profile features the best accomplishments from your entire career. When you put all of this on one list you will make it easier for those recommending you to write their letter. It will not be generic or boring. Instead, it will be specific to your career and the accomplishments achieved with those who recommended you. Use the space near the top part of your profile page to include your best features and accomplishments.

Request Recommendations Early

It is a good idea to request the recommendation while still employed with a company that also employs your endorser or to do so not long after you have left that company. This will ensure that the endorser does not forget who you are or what it is you did for the company while employed. If the endorser does not respond right away, do not worry as everyone is busy. Wait a week or so and ask again, but this time send a personal email request or make a quick phone call.

Tell Endorsers What to Write

Many times, a connection wants to recommend someone on LinkedIn, but does not know how to ask or what to write. This is not a problem. Ask that person for the recommendation and then tell them what it is they should say. Many endorsers will ask what to say, whether it is the generic “He performed well,” or will ask if they should be very specific with the letter.

The bottom line here is that LinkedIn recommendations can go a long way towards helping you land a job in Sylvania OH or a new client. It is best to have at least one per client or employer that is featured on your profile.








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