How to Brand Yourself as a Thought-Leader in a Career

How to Brand Yourself as a Thought-Leader

Being able to stand out from other candidates is a big part of the process of getting a new job nowadays. Being considered a thought-leader in your industry helps a lot. But, what’s the best way to accomplish this? Here, we will talk about ways to boost your presence and your value in your industry by becoming a well-respected thought-leader.

Develop a brand for yourself online

Make a list of your strengths and use them to develop a brand for yourself, using the Internet as your platform. Start with the industry you are most strong in, based on your career history and interests. Register your name as a domain and create a blog or website under this. Share your expertise.

Create a logo

We live in a visual world today. Use your brand to develop a logo that represents what you stand for, your area of expertise, and your ideas. You can get one for very cheap using Fiverr or other online creative services. Put this logo on your website, your blog, your resume, and your calling cards.

Create your own hype

First off, you will need to imagine yourself as being your own publicist now.  Everything you accomplish, create, and launch you need to get the word out there. Use press releases, blog posts, and word-of-mouth from your contacts to do this.

Expand your brand with social media

Use the power of social networking to get your brand out there to all of your connections, and more. Participate in industry groups on social networks. Use your branded logo and website to further the cause. Present this brand as yourself and make sure to share expert content and comments with others.

Get others to support your brand

Using your new brand, establish partnerships and relationships with affiliates who can spread the word about you. If you are seeking a new job, use this to your advantage by asking for referrals from current employees at the companies you are targeting.

Develop your brand in your career

Throughout your career, you can continue to build your brand in the way you conduct yourself on the job, how you manage projects, and how you interact with people. Your brand goes before you and it’s your reputation that counts the most. Use your brand to focus on the forward movement of your career path and as a true thought leader.







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