Need to Hire Fast? Here’s Why You Might Want to Pump the Brakes


A business is only as strong as its employees.  And that means you need to hire right.  But, when you are under pressure to get someone new onboard quickly, you may be tempted to rush things along to get a person into the position, even if they aren’t a perfect fit.

However, hiring can be challenging even under the best of circumstances, and cutting the timeline down doesn’t make it easier.  In fact, it can lead to some significant mistakes.  Before you allow the pressure to move forward override your better judgment, you might want to consider slowing things down a bit.  And here’s why.

You Haven’t Nailed Down What You Need

Sometimes, you know you are in desperate need of another set of hands, but you aren’t exactly sure what those hands need to be able to do.  Failing to define the role before looking for candidates may lead you to choose a candidate that has well-developed skills, but ultimately doesn’t have the capabilities you actually need.

If you haven’t defined what the new employee will need to do on a daily basis, as well as how the position fits into the larger picture, you are better holding off until you can clarify your actual needs.  That way you are screening candidates that will help your company move forward by filling in critical skill gaps instead of picking up a set of hands that can’t do what you actually need.

You Aren’t Sure About the Budget

Every position needs to be associated with a budget.  You need to know what you can afford to offer in salary and benefits, as well as invest into things like training.  If you don’t have the financial points figured out, you may end up evaluating candidates that you simply can’t afford.  Or, you could end up undershooting what you could have and miss out on the chance to get a more skilled employee in the door.

In business, budgets are always important.  So make sure you can identify precisely what you can and can’t afford before you begin your search.

You Can’t Evaluate Candidates Properly

Typically, hiring a new employee requires you to assess whether a stranger can meet your needs.  Most of the hiring process is designed to help you determine whether the candidate is the right kind of person for the job, and this goes beyond simply holding the right skill set.  If you rush the vetting process along, you might not get the insights into their personality that you would otherwise get.  And that can lead to a poor fit.

While securing the right skills is important, cultural fit is just as relevant to long-term success.  So, make sure you give yourself a chance to see if who they are as individuals fits in with the rest of the team or business.  Otherwise, you might find yourself regretting your hiring decision.

If you find yourself pressed for time when hiring, consider working with The Advance Group to find your next employee.  We can manage the prescreening process for you so you can dedicate more time to getting to know the candidates.  That way you can select the best option available even if you are limited on time.  Contact us today and speak with one of our recruitment specialists to see how we can help you hire quickly and effectively, instead of just quickly.






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