The Real Importance of “Culture Fit”


Hiring for culture fit has been making its way into hiring processes for some time now. People understand that choosing a person who fits into the larger corporate culture is more likely to integrate into a team. But what exactly does it mean to find someone who fits into the culture, and does it hamper efforts in other areas, like diversity?

Many people mistakenly think that a person has to be like them to fit in culturally. While we are automatically more comfortable with people who exhibit traits similar to our own, that isn’t what defines a culture fit. In fact, it may also be a method for unintentional hiring bias.

Instead, businesses need to seek out candidates who fit based on the company’s core values. Since these are considered a driving force in how the organization does business, choosing someone who can’t align with this part of the mission likely won’t last. However, people from all walks of life have the potential to fit based on these values, which also leaves the path open for diversity.

But why is hiring based on culture fit so important? Here are just a few reasons.

Creates Cohesion

A team that is functioning based on the same core values will typically work better together than those with disjointed opinions regarding these priorities. Essentially, it ensures that everyone is working to meet the same standards and achieve the same mission.

It also gives everyone a sense of common ground when interacting with one another. Since everyone has similar values, they are more likely to find methods to resolve differences as they arise, both professional or personal in nature.

Built-In Accountability

When a team works with the same vision, they are more inclined to hold each other accountable with regards to tasks that are associated with the mission. Everyone wants to see the company grow and succeed. So, if a person drops the ball, they are more likely to be managed by those around them as a side effect of the relationships. Essentially, it can create a self-balancing system where everyone works to meet the standards set not just by management, but by the group as a whole.

Promoting Creativity

People who work well together are more inclined to be creative and open. Having a level of comfort with one another helps employees feel safe in assuming a new perspective which can lead to innovation. Additionally, if the idea is ultimately shelved, they are more inclined to simply move on.

A culture fit makes employees feel well supported within the organization, and this can allow them to spread their wings and explore something new. And this is something you just won’t experience if you hire only individuals who act just like you. By choosing culture fit and diversity, you get the best of both worlds, and the quality of the team’s output will certainly show it.

If you are looking for a new employee to join your team and want to know how to hire for culture fit, the experienced recruitment professionals at The Advance Group can help you find your ideal candidates. Contact us today and see how hiring for culture fit can transform your business.






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