Increase Your Workplace Diversity with These Tips


Companies understand the need to support workplace diversity, but many businesses aren’t sure how to change their hiring approach to attract more top female candidates. Organizations often default to perks oriented to their women employees including anything from providing feminine products for free in the company restrooms to providing spaces dedicated to breastfeeding mothers. Even though these benefits are valued, they aren’t typically enough to bring in new female candidates alone.

If your business wants to improve diversity by recruiting more women, here are some tips to get you started.

Paid Time Off

An employee can only achieve optimal work-life balance with sufficient paid time off, and it is actually the benefit that women value most. Female employees are often tasked with more of the childrearing tasks when part of a dual income family, and not having the time off necessary to manage these responsibilities can make it hard for them to move forward in the workplace. Offering generous paid time off ensures all employees can manage their private lives without the stigma associated with needing time away from the office to manage family obligations. And that can help attract more top talent across the board.

Strong Salaries

Everyone wants fair wages based on the work being performed and their level of experience. However, many companies still have a gender pay gap that makes the workplace less attractive to female candidates. Making an effort to pay employees in parallel ensures everyone is treated fairly based on what they have to offer. Failing to do so means you will have trouble keeping women on the payroll once the discrepancy is discovered.

Supportive Culture

A company’s culture develops over time, and if the culture is designed to favor male employees, female candidates won’t be interested. Creating a gender-neutral environment helps in recruiting and retention efforts, as it makes everyone feel more comfortable and equally supported. The goal is to make everyone feel welcomed in the workplace and that they are all part of a single team, working together to reach common goals.

Merit-Based Opportunities

Any advantage available in the workplace needs to be open to any qualified employee regardless of gender, and the easiest way to make that possible is to focus on merit during the selection process. This allows employees who excel the opportunity to learn and advance without any other factor being a consideration.

This approach can actually be considered a benefit for any employee as it levels the playing field for anyone working at the company. And having an environment that supports equal opportunities means those who work hard for the chance to participate in programs or training opportunities will be rewarded for their efforts.

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