Update Your Assembly Workplace Safety Policies for 2017


When you operate an assembly workplace, you already know that safety is important. Having strong policies and procedures in place ensures your employees aren’t experiencing undue risk and govern what actions must occur when in regards to safety. If your policies haven’t been revised within the past few years or if there have been major equipment or procedural changes since your last safety policy review, here are some reasons to update your assembly workplace safety policies in 2017.

Changes to Laws and Regulations

In some cases, laws and regulations regarding safety policies and procedures may change, leaving your current iteration incomplete, incorrect, or even illegal. Check all of your existing policies to make sure the content is relevant and accurately reflects any standards as set forth by federal, state, or local laws and regulations. Otherwise, you could have trouble enforcing your policies if even a portion is found to be out of date.

Facility Security Measures

Many businesses have chosen to add metal detectors, security cameras, and guards to help make workplaces safer. While these measures can be beneficial, there use should be outlined and governed by safety policies. By explaining why these systems are in place, you can increase the likelihood of employee buy off. And, by making their use or presence a part of the employee handbook and formal employment agreements, you are ensuring everyone is aware and willing to comply.

Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana

As more states approve the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, safety policies may need to be updated to clearly specify what employees can and cannot do regarding its use. This could include simply preventing its use by workers while they are on the job or making its consumption completely against the rules. If the policy will be enforced through random drug screening, then that requirement needs to be clearly specified as well. Just make sure that any such policies meet the standards set forth by federal, state, and local laws before it is implemented.

Make the Information Digital

In an increasingly digital world, consider embracing the prevalence of technology by making your safety information accessible on mobile devices. For example, add URLs or QR codes to safety signage or assembly machinery. Then, employees can go to the sites or scan the codes to get additional information that they can review at work or on their own time. This gives you the widest disbursement of the information and increases the chance that all of your workers will get the details they need.

By keeping your safety policies updated, you are not only protecting your workers but your business as well. If you are interested in locating some workplace safety professionals to join your team or are looking for high-quality assembly workers to fill vacancies, The Advance Group can find top candidates in any field. Contact us to discuss your hiring needs with one of our recruitment specialists today.






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