Want to Diversify Your Workforce? Start Doing This!


The idea that diversity in the workplace improves production and increases innovation isn’t new. However, many companies struggle to either attract a more diverse group of applicants or hire people from various groups. Luckily, there are techniques that can help you diversify your workforce. Here are a few you can start using today.

Provide Diversity Training

Sometimes, the company’s culture isn’t supportive of minority workers. One way to help create a friendlier environment for everyone is to provide diversity training to your employees and members of the leadership team. You can also expand the offering for hiring managers, giving them additional information about fair hiring practices and how to review candidates without bias. These extra efforts can make your business more welcoming overall, ensuring everyone is comfortable on the job.

Use a Neutral Application Process

At times, conscious and unconscious biases affect who ultimately gets interviewed and hired. One method for reducing the impact of bias is to use materials that limit the availability of information that can potentially identify a candidate’s gender, race, age, or similar factors.

For example, instead of providing hiring managers with all the details provided by the applicant, consider removing or redacting information like the person’s name or other personally identifiable information. That way, the applications are reviewed based solely on merit.

You can also create a standardized evaluation form for each position being filled. This sets the criteria in advance and creates a scoring method upon which to review candidates, providing a mechanism to limit the impact of bias.

Reach Out to Community Organizations

Cultural institutions, colleges and universities, and churches can all be a great source of candidates and may offer a more diverse population than you are otherwise reaching. Similarly, certain non-profits also work to help empower minorities and connect them with opportunities.

You can start by letting local chapters and schools know about your job openings, and then expand your search to nearby cities or through organizations that operate nationally. Simply let the group know you are looking to find skilled applicants for your positions, and see if they have avenues to get the word out in the community that you may have not otherwise explored.

Widen Your Recruitment Base

If you focus all your recruitment efforts on the local area, you are only reaching a relatively small applicant pool. This can occur when companies rely on sources like local newspaper classifieds or limited online placement based on the city in which they operate.

By expanding into the surrounding area, you can catch the attention of candidates who may live nearby, but not in your town proper. Online recruiting can be effective for reaching a larger recruitment base as well as using services offered by an experienced staffing firm operating in the area.

If you would like to widen your search, the recruitment specialists at The Advance Group can connect you with the skilled workers you need. Contact us today to see how our services can work for you.






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