Candidates Not Interested in Your Perks? Offer This Instead



Offering perks is seen as a great way to entice top talent into applying for your open positions as well as to keep your best and brightest on staff. But, not every offering is valuable in the eyes of employees, so choosing the right ones is essential.

For example, while an option like unlimited vacation seems wonderful on the surface, it rarely translates into something helpful to your workforce. Instead, you need to focus on offerings that help them eliminate certain stressors in their daily lives, creating the kind of value they crave.

If your current perks aren’t working, it could be time for a change. Here are a few to offer instead.

Meaningful Gifts

While a lot of companies hand out swag coated in their corporate logos, these aren’t the types of items that actually improve the lives of your workers. However, a well-thought-out gift that speaks to them as an individual can be incredibly powerful, particularly if it fulfills a need they have.

Precisely what you can offer varies from person to person, so you will need to get to know your team for this approach to be effective. But, when done properly, it is incredibly impactful, boosting morale and demonstrating to your workforce that you care.

Helpful Services

Most professionals juggle a lot of responsibilities throughout the day, and not all of them are related to their work. Concerns about personal situations, like the need for high-quality childcare or maintaining a home, can weigh heavily on their minds, so perks that help relieve these pressures are especially valued.

For example, offering your employees access to a weekly cleaning service for their home, discounted childcare, or access to discounted meal delivery services can be very effective. So, if you have the room in your budget to offer these perks, it is certainly worth exploring.

Work-Life Balance

While unlimited vacation might not be useful, flexible scheduling and telecommuting options are excellent methods for creating a greater sense of work-life balance. This allows employees to keep up with their tasks while still being able to manage other parts of their lives, like doctor’s appointments or car maintenance. As a perk, these can be particularly empowering and are likely to be widely appreciated by your staff.

Ultimately, a perk is only going to make employees happy if it provides them with a clear benefit, so make sure to select options that are designed to make their lives easier and demonstrate that you care about their well-being, both inside and out of the office.

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