Already Regretting Your College Degree? Don’t Sweat It!


Many students assume that, by the time they have their college degree in hand, they’ll know exactly where they want to take their career. While this is true for some, a surprising number of newly minted college graduates don’t know where they want to go next, and others may even regret getting a degree in a particular field.

After graduation, joining the workforce is typically the next step. But, for those who are now questioning the value of their college degree, this can be an anxiety-inducing time.

Luckily, even if you regret your college degree on some level, you do have options for moving forward. Here’s how to get started.

Make Research Your Ally

The vast majority of degrees create a wide variety of opportunities. At times, this includes career paths that aren’t necessarily obvious, and one of those might be right for you.

Before you discard the value of your degree, research what career options or jobs seek out people just like you. Contact your school’s career center or alumni association for assistance, get online and search job boards using your credentials as criteria, or check out resources like to see if it can provide insight.

By digging in with some research, you might find jobs that didn’t initially come to mind when you were earning your degree. And one of them may be the ideal choice for you.

Explore With Internships

Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you can’t use internships to explore various career paths. Some internships look for new graduates and not current students, so you may be able to find an opportunity that can help you gain experience while you figure out your next steps.

Most internships are short-term by design. This means you can explore a position or industry without any long-term commitments or expectations from your employer. They also let you use your skills in the real-world and may help you discover which tasks interest you the most.

As a bonus, internships can be excellent resume builders, giving you valuable experience you can list on your resume. Plus, they are wonderful networking opportunities, letting you make professional connections and possibly helping you locate a mentor who can guide you.

Consider Working as a Temp

If you need to start bringing in a paycheck and can’t locate a paid internship, consider working in a temporary or contract position. They don’t come with long-term commitments, giving you another method for exploring your options, and also function as learning experiences.

You can complete a series of short-term assignments to try different roles and see where your education can take you. This can provide a substantial amount of peace of mind too, since you’ll clearly be able to see the value in your degree.

Even if you aren’t entirely sure about your college degree, that doesn’t mean you can’t take valuable steps down a career path. If you’re ready to explore opportunities that your degree can help you land, the professionals at The Advance Group can make finding exciting options easy. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled staff members today and see how our services can benefit you.






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