5 Soft Skills Call Center Employees Must Master


Call center employees are at the heart of the customer service experience. They often have to navigate challenging situations, ensuring the caller is satisfied and remains a loyal customer.

Having the proper skill set can make the difference when it comes to succeeding in these roles. If you are or want to be a call center agent, here are five soft skills you must master.

1. Patience

When most people contact a call center, it’s usually because they have a question or a complaint. Not every caller will be able to articulate their question well, and some may even be obviously angry during the conversation.

It isn’t uncommon to have to explain the same point multiple times or diffuse hostile situations. Call center employees have to have a stunning amount of patience if they are going to handle potentially challenging calls with poise.

2. Empathy

Successful call center agents are able to put themselves in the caller’s shoes, allowing them to understand where they are coming from and why they are frustrated. Being able to empathize with a customer is a must, ensuring that each situation is addressed in the proper manner and that callers aren’t going to be angered by specific actions.

For example, if a customer is calling because they believe their bill is too high, knowing that attempting to upsell them might exacerbate the problem is a sign of empathy. Similarly, acknowledging their concern and apologizing for any stress that may have arisen due to an issue is also an indication you understand their position.

3. Communication

A call center employee relies on the communication skills all day, every day. Having a professional and vast vocabulary is essential, giving you the ability to choose the ideal words and phrases when talking with customers. Additionally, the ability to be clear and concise is incredibly valuable, ensuring that problems are resolved or questions are answered as quickly as possible.

Written communication skills can also be important, particularly for making notes in accounts or reaching out to co-workers through available collaboration and messaging channels. Additionally, some call center workers also follow up with callers using email, so being able to craft a professional message is critical to your success.

4. Active Listening

Active listening skills allow call center agents to truly hear what the caller is saying. It involves more than just waiting for your turn to speak. Instead, it means focusing on the customer’s questions or concerns first and, only when they are finished, coming up with a suitable response.

If you aren’t attentive while you are listening, you may miss an important detail. This risks the customer becoming increasingly frustrated, which can make a difficult situation even worse.

5. Positive Attitude

No matter how angry a customer may be, call center employees must maintain a positive attitude. Using reassuring and positive language makes you seem confident, increasing the odds the caller will trust you to handle the situation properly.

By mastering the skills above, you increase your odds of being a helpful and valuable call center employee. If you are interested in learning more or are seeking new employment opportunities, the professionals at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to learn more about how our services can benefit you, or click here to check out our newest open jobs.






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