Making These LinkedIn Connections Can Boost Your Career

Having a strong professional network can be critical for success. Since LinkedIn is the quintessential social network for professionals, it’s a valuable tool for cultivating the relationships that could benefit your career. However, LinkedIn can only help you if you make the right connections.

If you are trying to boost your career, here are some LinkedIn connections you need to make.

Former Colleagues and Managers

People you worked with in the past are a crucial part of your network. They have direct experience working with you, so they have detailed knowledge of what you bring to the table. Plus, they may be especially willing to extend themselves if you need assistance, particularly if you keep the relationship strong and reciprocal.

Former colleagues and managers can serve two functions. First, they can be great references, giving you a person to turn to when you need one as part of a job search. Second, they can be a source of referrals, letting you learn about positions that might not otherwise cross your radar.

Professionals You Meet at Conferences and Events

When you attend a networking event or conference, the people you meet along the way can make great additions to your network. They may become a valuable source of information, a trusted confidante, a mentor, or a referral source in the future. As a result, it’s a relationship with cultivating.

Instead of asking for a business card after you’ve had a conversation, consider requesting to connect on LinkedIn. You can send an invitation immediately from your phone. Plus, you’ll be able to follow up with ease once the event is over.

Like-Minded Professionals You Don’t Know

While connecting with professionals, you don’t know it might make you uncomfortable at first, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea. Plus, if you have something in common, such as working in the same field, then it might not be as hard as you think.

Considering sending a message and introducing yourself, pointing out what you have in common, and then asking a question that can help you forge a relationship. Many professionals enjoy talking about themselves, so if you can request insights into the person’s area of expertise, they may respond. Similarly, if they post content that you admire, a compliment could serve as an icebreaker, allowing you to expand your network further.

Professional Recruiters

When it comes to networking, recruiters can be great connections. They often have a vast number of contacts and access to an employer pipeline so that they can make an excellent addition. Just make sure you focus on recruiters who serve your particular industry and have amazing reputations. That way, you can secure a high-quality contact who may be able to boost your career.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make the most of LinkedIn as a professional or are looking to start a new job search, the skilled and experienced staff at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our talented recruiters today and see how our LinkedIn networking expertise can benefit your career.






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