4 Exciting Job Perks You Should Know About

When you are looking for a job, it’s normal to expect certain benefits. Health insurance and a retirement plan are closer to a norm than an exception, mainly if you’re working in a full-time permanent position.

However, some businesses are also offering a variety of attractive perks. Usually, these help them stand out from the competition and establish them as an employer of choice. As a result, it can be wise to be on the lookout form some of the more exciting options. If you aren’t familiar with what’s available, here’s a look at four job perks that should be on your radar.

1. Student Loan Assistance

Many professionals struggle with their student loans. These debts are massive burdens and are often a source of stress, something that can hinder an employee’s performance.

Some companies are trying to help alleviate the burden of dealing with student loans. In some cases, employers provide student loan repayment benefits, primarily assisting staff members with lowering their balances faster. In others, businesses work with third-party partners, making it easier for employees to refinance into a loan with better terms.

2. Volunteer Time Off

Companies are increasingly offering volunteer time off (VTO). Through that leave program, employees can spend time away from work to volunteer and get paid while they are doing it. It’s an excellent perk for community-conscious individuals who want to give back while keeping their career on-track.

At times, companies support employees’ favorite causes in other ways. For example, they may offer matching donations to qualifying charities, essentially doubling what workers provide.

3. Fertility Assistance

Couples or individuals that are struggling to have a baby often have to shoulder massive costs. Fertility treatments are, in a word, expensive, and they can be far outside the grasp of many professionals. This has led some companies to step up and offer fertility assistance benefits.

Usually, when this perk is available, the employer covers some or all of specific costs, like IVF, egg freezing, or various treatments. In most cases, the company focuses on expenses that aren’t covered well (or at all) through regular medical insurance, essentially allowing it to act as supplemental coverage.

4. Pet Health Insurance

Caring for a pet can be expensive, especially when it comes to emergency treatment. To make the cost more manageable, some employers are giving employees access to pet health insurance as a perk. Usually, this can make emergency treatments significantly more affordable. Additionally, some plans may assist with regular expenses, too, such as vaccinations, flea treatments, or spaying or neutering.

Ultimately, all of the perks above can be differentiators, separating regular employers from employers of choice. However, it’s essential to look not just at the benefits package, but total compensation. Additionally, job seekers shouldn’t overlook other important factors, especially culture fit, when choosing an opportunity. Every one of those points matter, so make sure you explore them all before you say yes to a job offer.

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